October 2020

Let’s Define Leadership by John Terhune

Leadership is a responsibility of being a human being. Leadership is not about position and not about a title. Leadership is about example. . . Click the image Listening to John’s definition of leadership, how can you adopt this definition…
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Leadership Tips from Jesus by Rod Nichols

Leading as a shepherd. He uses his voice to guide his sheep. He takes time to get to know his followers. Do you know your followers? Do you know the important things that they are most concerned about? 5/5 (1)…
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15 Years Of Leadership by George Madiou

It seems like only yesterday. We saw a big missing component in the network marketing industry. How could such a significant industry lack direction in guiding its members on the necessary fundamentals of training basic business building principles? It was…
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Leadership by Terri Levine

Leadership Leadership is critically important! Leadership is not management. How are you setting an example for your people in your leadership role? 5/5 (1) Please rate this Article … How good is this article?