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5 Levels of Listening by Nicki Keohohou

5 Levels of Listening Ignoring Pretend Listening Selective Listening Attentive Listening DSWA Heart-Centered Listening No rating results yet Please rate this Article … How good is this article?

Tuning In By Terri Levine

Listening from the heart You must be a student Listening intently Becoming Present What is their passion What are they great at Listen for the critical gap Quiet your mind No rating results yet Please rate this Article … How…
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The Gift of Listening by Richard Brooke

Ever been chatting with someone, and before you can even finish your sentence, they interrupt to share their own thoughts or finish yours for you? Or perhaps you’re in the middle of making an important point and their attention is pulled away as they…
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Presence: The Root of True Listening By Steve Taubman

Having interviewed many top network marketing leaders, both in the field and at the corporate level, I’ve noticed consistent qualities among them, which create energy that permeates the culture of their entire organization. If there’s truth to the assertion that…
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6 Trends For 2020 By Ben Dixon

As we kicked-off 2020, the Naxum Executive Team has witnessed a Strategic Inflection Point arising with 6 Key Trends that every Direct Sales and Networking Marketing Company must be aware of and give strategic ACTionable attention to.  Our world, and…
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A Powerful Key To Success: Listening

As networkers, one of the most powerful keys to our success is listening.  Our customers, potential business partners, and also mentors and teachers will all be the key to our success. The more that we become great listeners, the more…
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