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With persistence Cathy is finally on her way to that six-figure income she envisioned

Don’t quit… ever.

My name is Cathy Wendte from Overland Park, KS. I am a stay at home mom who refused to allow strangers to raise my children. So even before I had my babies, I started looking for a way that I could work from my home. Not only did I want to be home with my boys, but I’ve always been rather ‘mentally unemployable’. I’ve just never marched to the ‘corporate’ beat and knew that there just had to be a way that I could stay home, call my own shots, and still contribute to our income.  NULL I was right! But…it was certainly not overnight nor was it without challenges. I would NOT be the poster child parading across any stage with an overnight rags to riches story. (Frankly, if I never see one of those parade across the stage again, that would be fine with me). VERY FEW people ever experience massive success that quickly so I prefer to live in reality. 🙂

I learned a long time ago not to ask for things to be easy, but to ask them to be worth it.

I got involved with several different home businesses over the years. I had a little success with some and none with others and in fact, went belly up in my first one years ago. (I call it failing forward). I quit my job and went full time in my first company. That was back when long distance phone calls were .25 each. Ouch! No job, green to networking, a long distance sponsor and .25 long distance calls were not a winning combination to say the least. The smartest thing I did back then was attend the companies’ National Conventions. Even though I failed in that particular company, getting myself exposed to the ‘big picture’ at those events is what allowed me to have enough belief in this industry to stay in it.

I knew I could make it work if I just learned the skills that were required and be consistent in applying those skills

Yes, there are skills to master just like there are in any profession because this IS a profession. Fast forward years later and a few bumps and bruises along the way, thanks to finding Vemma in November 2004, (the right product, company, plan and team for me), I am finally on my way to creating the six figure income from my home that I always knew could be mine. My secrets? Persistence, live industry seminars, phone seminars, persistence, tapes, books, persistence, experience (right and wrong ways of doing it), personal growth, persistence, picking the brains of those ‘doing it’, hanging in there, and finally, persistence.

Did I mention persistence?



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