Celebrating Seventeen Years of Publication Success By John Hackett Ed.D.

Follow-Up With Reflection

 This is an auspicious date.

A 17-year run of publications that have added value to so many in Network Markers and for those they serve is undoubtedly noteworthy and worthy of celebration.

Follow-up is also a timely monthly topic.

The follow-up to address the needs of network marketers and add value to their practice is a big reason for the long-term success of this publication. Follow-up is a crucial factor in success at any occupation level but is especially essential for those in network marketing.

The skill of being able to follow up on calls, share business cards from networking events, or people met at the local coffee store is a keynote in success for network marketers. Follow-up practices, like all self-leadership, start with holding oneself accountable to follow up on referrals, contacts and seek new connections to serve and add value to who will add value to your business. Your follow-up practice will determine who you are as a network marketer and your success. The next step is to develop a network system and follow through with a card, email, or text as soon as possible.

Follow-up has been modeled by George Madiou and his team’s choice of monthly topics.

These topics are chosen to add value, insight intentionally, and practical wisdom immediately actionable. George’s solicitation of top-notch writers, consultants, and successful practitioners creates a forum of wisdom available to subscribers. The chosen topics address the needs of those in network marketing and stretch their learning to grow in their business. These topics are also timely for developing a network marketing business, no matter how seasoned throughout the year.

The 2022 topics listed below are intentionally chosen to add timely information, insight, and learning to a network marketer’s practice.

January 2022 – Attitude

February 2022 – Are You Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Loose?

March 2022 – Measuring Your Results & Are You Rewarding Yourself?

April 2022 – Accountability Entrepreneur Or Employee Mindset

May 2022 – The Secrets Behind Goals

June 2022 – Tools

July 2022 – Presenting

August 2022 – Equipping And Developing Leaders

September 2022 – Becoming Who Others Want To Follow

October 2022 Our 17th Anniversary Issue – Follow Up

November 2022 – Customer And Distributor Delight

December 2022 Our 17th Annual Woman’s Issue – Building A Team

A review of these topics and their placement during the year demonstrates how George and his team at The Network Marketing Magazine have chosen topics to challenge, stretch, and enhance learning for network marketers’ businesses.

George and his team have also chosen gifted, talented contributors with experience in many arenas to share their experiences, insights, and wisdom on the monthly topic. I am humbled to have been one of those monthly contributors. Writing on these topics has stretched me to be the best writer  I can be and examine and reflect on my practice as a coach and leadership consultant. After many years of monthly contributions to the Network Marketing Magazine, my personal reflection is that these monthly contributions have added value to network marketers and those of us, like me, who have had the privilege to share our thoughts on these pages.

Being part of the Network Marketing Magazine team of contributors has been a privilege and pleasure. The past has been great. The future will be bright. The best is yet to come!

John Hackett
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