Changing a Belief is Just a Decision Away By Jim Britt

Changing a Belief is Just a Decision Away

 People don’t have a problem “thinking” success. They have a problem “believing” that they can accomplish what they are “thinking.” Your vision may be that you want to earn a million dollars, and the reality is that you don’t “believe” you can. Most people are convinced, through conditioning, that everything they do won’t work out.

They have a failure “Belief system.”

All of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings make up your “mindset.” Your “mindset” influences your behaviors, and your behaviors bring forth results. Your “mindset” makes you as mechanical and predictable as a calculator. Hit this key and the number appears on the paper. Take a look at your past 10 years. In hindsight, how predictable have they been? The results you produce are always the result of what you believe you will produce. Change your beliefs and you will expand your limitations in your life. Simply put, if you develop a millionaire “mindset,” you will then become a millionaire!

Here’s an example. Let’s suppose you set out to start your networking marketing business and you believe is going to be a super success.

Now, let’s suppose you’ve invested $5,000 in inventory and sales aids to start your business. You’re now ready for business, but after talking to a dozen people or so, you find that no one is even remotely interested. Your belief may have now dwindled from one of success to one of, “I may have made a serious mistake.” This is closely followed by another thought or belief, “I am going to loose a sizable amount of money!” Before long, you may develop a new belief that your business is going to fail. In other words, you have chosen to “honor” your belief of failure instead of success.

You are always using our imagination to create at every waking moment. For example, a daydream, which is a vision of how you see yourself in life, is the result of your imagination creating an image of a real experience happening in the future. Like all real experiences they are the effects of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings…your mindset.

We never stop creating. The universe is always, and without question, creating the realities of our visions…our “mindset.”

So how do you change a belief that’s not working for you?

Do you simply set a goal to have something different? Do you think more positively? Do you listen to someone’s program to stay motivated? Do you affirm your way to success?

The answer to all these questions is “No.” All the above are just a cover-up for reality. They are short-term patch-work solutions that have no lasting effect and will not change a belief.

Here’s the key. It starts with the understanding that all beliefs are false. None of your beliefs are real, until you decide they are true, but that doesn’t make them true. To change a belief requires a desire to change. I know most have a desire, but they never take action to change.

Here’s an example. The person goes to their husband, wife, or significant other and says, “Honey I’m going to this training this weekend and I know it has all the answers to making my business a success.” They convince themselves and their mate that this is the one that is going to finally make them success. They get all dressed up, grab their note pad or computer and head for the seminar all excited. They totally engage themselves in the training. They talk to other successful distributors. They take pages and pages of notes. They get involved in every exercise. They stay up late learning from every person they can. They get all the answers they need. They get excited. They develop a game plan for success. They set their goals. They get all the information they need to finally become a success. They are pumped and ready to go!

They head home after an exhausting but very informative and exciting weekend ready to take action on Monday morning. But on Monday morning they go static. They do nothing. They wait for the right time, the right circumstances, the right person to come along, etc. and after a few days they are right back where they were before they attended the big weekend event, thinking there must have been something they missed. They need more information.

To be successful you don’t have to get it right, you don’t have to know everything, you just have to get it going.

So how do you change that belief? First you have to realize that a belief is something that you have decided is true, it may not be true at all. You may believe that earning lots of money is difficult. Does that make it true? You may believe that nobody wants to join a network marketing business. Does that make it true? A belief is something that we have decided is true.

Changing a belief starts with a desire to change backed by a firm decision to change.

If you want to be wealthy you have to make a decision to be wealthy, one that doesn’t allow for anything less. You can’t make a decision to be wealthy and static at the same time. Both are decisions. You can only make one decision, either wealth or to stay static. We don’t live in a gray world. We live in a black and white world. Your decisions, your beliefs and either moving you toward what you want of further away. People who are mediocre money earners make a decision to be mediocre. People who become wealthy make a decision to become wealthy, one that doesn’t allow for anything less.

So if you want to change a belief, you have to make a decision to “Be” whatever it is you want to become.

The reason that goal setting, for example, doesn’t work, is because the goal is out there in the future somewhere. To change you have to bring it back to the present so that you change your present state of mindset and belief. A decision changes your mindset, and with that you change your belief to a level of “Knowing.”

What about your visions, are they more about what you want and why, or more about what you don’t want and why you don’t want it? Are you focused on what you don’t have instead of what you want? Do you hold a vision of success or of failure? What decision have you made? As you begin to become more “mindful” of your inner visions and the decisions you make moment to moment…what you have chosen to honor…the old you or the new you, you’ll begin to strengthen and trust your own inner guidance. Your inner spirit will awaken. You will begin to discover ways of transforming old outdated beliefs into new productive beliefs supporting what’s important in your life. And remember, every income level requires a different you.

I also think that we are taking “success” much too seriously, and working much too hard at it. The fact is that someone, somewhere along the way has convinced us that if something is going to be worthwhile, it’s going to require a lot of hard work and you have to get serious about it. That type of outdated belief is what stands in your way more than anything else. Success should be fun not a struggle! If you have to struggle all the time to become successful, what good is it? You work 12-14 hours a day and no time to enjoy your life, what good is it? Simply get good at making firm decisions and then “lighten up,” be present with yourself, and stop making everything such a complicated intellectual process. Success is a “feeling” process, a decision process. How would success “feel” to you? What decision do you need to make in order to have all your want?

Knowing more and working harder to make life easier is not the answer.

It’s developing the understanding of how simple life can be when you make a firm decision for life to be a certain way, and then opening up to your authentic power source, where your imagination and success flows freely. The key is to connect your head with your heart before you take action. In other words, make the decision in your head and then feel it in your heart, then take action.

Success is always a product of the beliefs you have and the decisions you make. Then it’s a question of honoring those decisions. Once the decision is made, have fun and play with whoever shows up to play and success will be yours. Believe it with all your heart!

Remember, your beliefs determine your mindset and your mindset determines how you show up to the world (and your prospect) and how the world (your prospects) shows up to support you.

Let’s make a decision to make today, 1% or more, better than yesterday, you in?


You’re The Best!

Jim Britt

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Jim Britt
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