It wasn’t that long ago that if we needed a plumber, we picked up a large, paper thing called a phone book, and flipped to the back section called the yellow pages. 

Then, we carefully scanned the display ads, wondering which plumber might be suitable, affordable, and hopefully, available to come and unplug our toilet.

You’d call the office and the receptionist would send a message to “Pete the plumber” through a thing called a pager. That pager would beep or vibrate and plumber Pete would get to a phone booth, which was located on just about every street corner.  

Pete reached into his pocket and pushed in a dime or a quarter and called you to get your address.

Pete shows up, he does a decent job, or so you think and sends you a bill. 

But a day later, you find that Pete forgot to tighten a few bolts, or he didn’t seal a pipe properly, and there’s water everywhere. 

So what did you do? You called the office to complain. You didn’t go public. You didn’t rant online with a selfie video hoping to become that day’s YouTube or TikTok sensation. 

The internet changed everything. 

In the old days, if you had a problem with a big company, you called their 800 number. 

Today, you can unleash a torrent of venomous negativity from the palm of your hand, sitting on Pete’s botched toilet job, in your pajamas. 

And don’t think that doesn’t happen – it’s happening all over the world as you read this article.  

Today, hundreds of individuals on the internet make a living as bloggers or self-professed “experts” in direct sales. There are “influencers” who get their kicks out of feeding the anxiety that some people experience in the network marketing profession because they feel they’ve been harmed, duped, or misled in some way.  

And let’s be honest, that does happen.

If I had an opportunity to consult with today’s network marketing companies, I’d strongly advise them to include reputation management as a core training objective for every new distributor. 

In relative investment terms, it would be the cost of a dime or a quarter – with a huge payback. 

The other thing to consider when it comes to reputation is the technology itself. 

How are you building your business?

What tools are you using?

Are they relevant to today’s generation of up-and-coming networkers?

Are you a techno-dinosaur, or do you embrace technology that appeals to today’s generation?

I built my career in network marketing harnessing the power of technology. 

If you’d like to see and experience the latest, ground-breaking online tool that is powering the next generation of network marketers, email me at .

You’ll be blown away by what you see.

I stake my reputation on it. 🙂

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Kevin Vincent
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