Children use the internet too! By Daryoush Ashtari

20 years ago, children played hide and seek, and other games. Now children use the internet too.

They are online, play online games, and some have Facebook accounts or use other social networks. But do you know that user X who has a profile picture of a kid or a kitten and is friendly with your child is the one who he claims to be?

What do your child/children do when he/she is online and is so-called working or playing on the internet? What does he/she do when chatting with an online unknown person? They are chatting about kids’ stuff? Or his/her contact asks about some other questions?

If they are playing online games, are they safe? Some online games install malware, viruses, or backdoors on your computer and steal information from it.

The worst scenario is when there is one shared computer at home. Although you may create different users and the member of the family uses that shared computer with his/her own account, that computer holds so much information about you and your family or maybe your business. Private information or banking information if you store them on your computer, passwords, …

What do you do when surfing the internet? Are all sites that you surf, safe?

Our children use the internet, so we must be careful. There are many tools that help parents monitor their children while they are online, using the internet. Use them and keep your child, your family, and/or your business safe.

Unfortunately, most website owners ignore their responsibility to society, to their clients, and to themselves. When we talk to them about the security of their website, they claim they don’t have anything important on their website to worry about.

A few years ago, Turkish hackers hacked the server of a web-development company in Armenia that provided web hosting of more than 200 websites in France, Germany, and the US. The hackers de-faced all the websites on that server and unfortunately, one of those websites was for kids, used them for their homework and lessons and my 8-year-old daughter used it too. Another website was an online store selling entertainment stuff that you can widely see in parks and playgrounds.

One day my kid asked me, daddy, what does F*** mean? I asked her where did you hear this word? She said I didn’t hear it. It is written on my website. I went to her computer and saw that website of children has been hacked and defaced and hackers put some hateful content in a language that we don’t use near the kids especially.

It took them more than 6 hours to recover those websites and 2 weeks to almost secure them. But that was too much and so many kids saw that page and read that content.

Long story short, the parents gathered and talked and decided to prevent their kids from using that website again and this spread from one school to another and in less than a month, they were out of business…..

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