Choose Wisely; Three Questions to Ask Yourself When You are Offering an Opportunity to Join Your Team. By John Hackett

John Hackett

Leadership expert Simon Sinek in a recent interview referred to COVID -19 as the Great Revealer”.

The pandemic has exposed many Leadership, Economic, and Societal Issues. It has also revealed how companies and industries are wilting, and others are“pivoting(remember when that was just a sports term) to serve customers. Ford now makes plastic protective shields, Mary Kay Cosmetics now makes hand sanitizer and offers Zoom make up parties. Many industries are thriving due to the nature of their primary business and the ability to use technology like zoom(remember when that was a verb, not a noun) to serve. This especially true for network marketers/Direct sellers who have built their businesses on personal relationships and outstanding customer service. I know from personal experience as the husband of a direct sales leader, a Senior Sales Director in Mary Kay for 42 years. We just celebrated her unit’s second-best sales and recruiting year ever.

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The success of network marketing coupled either with the unhappiness with the current economy or desire to do something different has to lead many people to seek the opportunities Network Marketing /Direct Sales.

They see freedom, income, and personal growth found in Network Marketing/Direct Sales as very attractive possibilities. Network Marketing/Direct Sales organizations see this growth at any time of economic downturn. Network marketers have the ability by sharing, recruiting, or prospecting people to grow their teams and provide an excellent service to those who choose their team. This decision for a potential recruit could be a pathway in this uncertain, anxious time is to an improved life for them and their families. In seeking new members, we must remember two things.

One, it is essential for Network marketers /Direct Sellers to build teams to remember that potential new team members are facing multiple pressures. We must choose to proceed wisely to be empathetic, kindly persistent, and creative, looking for the best team players.

In this time, it is critical to be seen as helping people seek a new opportunity, not being seen as being opportunistic for yourself.

Second, in recruiting, Network Marketers/ Direct sellers must remember there are our two choices involved in seeking new team members. You, as the leader, need to be committed to seeking quality team members. The potential team member can choose to join or not.

There are three questions you can ask yourself as you are considering your choice of a potential team member noted in Patrick Lencioni’s best-seller, The Ideal Team Player.

Is the potential new teammate humble?

Humility is many times misunderstood as timidity weakness. Humility is the primary characteristic of an ideal team player. An ordinary team member thinks of us instead of me and is willing to learn and grow to serve the entire team.


Consider what you know about the person how often they use “we” did this or “I” did this in describing a success.

   Is the potential team member hungry?

A potential team member who displays being hungry accepts and understands the reality is as Leadership Expert John Maxwell says, “Anything worthwhile is uphill.” The hungry potential team member is committed to working, learning, and asking for help from you and the team to grow and be successful. My wife, Becki Hackett as a leading Sales Director, reminded me that success in Network Marketing /Direct Sales is no different than any other business.saying “it is a journey of hard work, we all work hard together it is not a get rich quick scheme.”


Does the potential team member talk of past projects where she /he has pulled together a group and spent long hours to be successful. How Does the potential team member describe how they will work the business. Do they expect things to come to them easily, or do they understand hard work?

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Is the potential team member smart?

Smart is often misunderstood as degrees or intelligence. Here I am referring to smarts with people. This smart is often labeled as emotional intelligence. It refers to understand and be aware of yourself and others in social interactions. A potential team member with a high degree of emotional intelligence, people smart can be a fantastic network Marketer/Direct seller as they understand relationships.


How do you see the potential team member interacting with others? How does he/she describe relationships at home or at work?

When considering a potential team member, a balance of these three characteristics is ideal. An imbalance in one or two of the areas will present challenges and opportunities for you as the team leader to mentor and coach a new team member.

The good news is that the three questions can provide a basis for choosing a team member.

You may see that this team may not be the best “fit” for them or you. In this case, don’t offer the opportunity. If you choose a new team member who does not have a balance of humble.hungry and smart, you do have the training, personal growth outline to assist the new member. It is crucial for you at this stage to decide to commit to helping the new team member. It is also critical to describe your concerns and your commitment to mentor and coaches them going forward if they choose to join. The potential recruit may say they are not interested and walk away.

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That is their choice; Network Marketing/Direct Sales are “voluntary “organizations.

The person may well be mad at you and may go to a competitor, that is their choice. If they choose to join the team, your commitment to mentor and coach will be critical to their potential success. Ignoring this imbalance can have severe consequences for you and your team. Choose wisely considering these three questions to build a great team going forward.


Lencioni, P. (2016) The Ideal Team Player.Hoboken New Jersey, USA

Sinek, Simon, Interview with John Maxwell for “Leadership When It Matters Most, “June 2020

John Hackett
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