Choose Your Coaching Wisely by Mark Semple

Mark SempleThe right coach can be a huge asset in your success journey and assist you in maintaining the momentum toward the life that you desire.  Network Marketing is a unique profession. You connect with a business opportunity, enroll and immediately have access to an incredible new world. You are introduced to people, concepts and strategies that you never knew existed. And, once you realize that you are going to be successful, your life will never be the same again. As you start learning about your products and opportunity, the network marketing strategies and inspiring concepts such as Law of Attraction, it can almost become overwhelming. The more you learn, the more you want to learn. Soon, you must choose wisely to ensure you are spending your time and money where it will serve you best.  NULL You can’t be around Network Marketing for long before you hear about Coaching. Many of the trainers you are learning from offer coaching programs and services that supplement their training materials and courses. If you are not yet at the level you desire, or feel like your business is not quite growing as quickly as you would like, then the ‘coach approach’ may be a fit for you. How do you know which coach is right for you? There are many great coaches out there with a variety of coaching styles, programs and price points.

There is one key way to determine if a coach is the right one for you – experience their coaching in a one on one consultation.

Most coaches will provide a consultation session that will show you exactly what the coaching experience will be like. You will know in that session if you have a connection and if the interaction feels empowering to you. If it does not, then you look for another coach. Don’t be surprised if the coach tells you that they don’t feel like the coaching relationship would be a fit. A reputable coach would not take you on as a client if they did not feel the connection. Check out the coach’s references and testimonials. Do they have successes in the area that you are seeking coaching in? What credentials / certifications does the coach hold? Are there any specific ones that you require? My credential is Certified Comprehensive Coach from The Coaching Institute. The coaching model I am trained in is a comprehensive approach that looks at your life as a whole to determine the optimum area to coach in first. You may want to achieve a 6-figure paycheck, but how will that be possible if you are stressed and burned out all the time? Every coach has a niche – a specific segment of the population that they seek to make a difference for. The more clear you are on what you are looking for, the easier your search for a coach will be. And, as always, caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the coaching arrangements and the coach’s policies around cancellations, refunds, etc. You don’t want any surprises if you feel that a coaching relationship does not fit you and you want a refund of unused coaching fees. The right coach can be a huge asset in your success journey and assist you in maintaining the momentum toward the life that you desire. Do your homework, try on a few consultation sessions and find the right coach for you. Be successful – together Mark Semple CCC


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