Clarify, Qualify, Create Expectation by Sean Murphy

Author_35280SeanMurphyIncrease your level of understanding by using these simple words to help you bring more value to your prospects.  Of all the trainings that I do, this is one of the most requested ones. The reason people tell me they ask for it is because of the paradigm shift that takes place as they grasp the concepts. All too often when we are prospecting, the information flow is usually one sided.

The distributor is giving much more information than they are receiving. This sometimes causes the prospect to shut down, there is only so much information they can handle.

What happens when you learn how to use the 3 step program I teach, Clarify, Qualify, Create Expectation, people find it so much easier to have a conversation with their prospect, and guess what… they both enjoy the time spent together. So lets take a look at the first word: Clarify NULL

It’s pretty simple if you really understand what the word means. As you begin to use this concept, because that is really what it’s about, a concept of clarifying the information you are going to give out, share, and the info you are going to receive and process from your prospect. So first you have to be able to take all of the information that you have gathered so far about your company and begin to clarify to yourself, “what does it all mean and why would I ever tell a prospect about it?”

There are really 2 kinds of information that are used in a presentation. First is the stuff the presenter wants to tell, second the stuff the listener would like to hear.

We all know that way too often the info being presented winds up just “stuffing” the listener, and they get full and leave before the presenter ever gets to the really good stuff. So here is a task for you if you have actually read this to this point. Take a bit of information that you have or use in your presentations, and make the statement… example… “Our company is 3 years old”. Now after you make a statement like that, ask this question… SO WHAT? You ask that question because that is exactly what your prospect is asking themselves. So What? All too often the presenter finds it hard to remember, they may not even think about it, so here is the reality If this is the first time the listener has ever heard what you are saying, it’s an instinctive response that happens, and they are going to be looking in their files of memory for a situation that is similar to the one you are presenting to them, and if they can’t find one, they begin to shut down. The result is a tremendous amount of information gets put out there, not much action taken on it. So to get Clarification is critical again both by you and from your listener. I will share some simple examples with you here, I go into greater detail and actually do some role playing in the Millionaire Members back office. So here is how to use this “philosophy” of Clarify in your conversations. It breaks down into the following points. Needs – Prospects You may ask some question to a prospect and they want to know more about either your opportunity or your products.

All too often we are so eager to answer the question because in fact we actually know the answer so… We give the answer without any basis.

Let me explain: We give the response based on what we thought we heard them ask. The answer is based on how you would answer the question based on what you know about the product or opportunity. What really happens when we answer a question is a download of the most recent information that we learned to give the right answer to our prospects question. Here is the challenge… you should not give the right answer… you should give the BEST answer. Remember in school, the questions you got marked off wrong, because as the teacher put it… “It’s a good answer, it’s not the BEST answer”… the same holds true here.

You need to really get some Clarification from your prospect, and you can do that by stating… I want to make sure I give you as close to the right answer as I can based on what is most valuable to you.

Can you ask the question in a different way? (I separated this out because if you can learn to ask this question and to make it a part of your conversations, you will be simply amazed at how the quest for information changes.) Even though your Prospect believes they are asking the same question, I have found that it more often changes into a request for information entirely different from the original question. There are a few reasons why this happens, the main reason for the change in direction, which by the way now allows you to respond to them with info they may actually be interested in. It has to do with Public Speaking and the fear associated with it. Here’s my opinion why. When a prospect is asked for an opinion, and that is what you are doing when you ask the, “What is important to you?”, right… you are asking them for their opinion. They have to form an opinion on something that… a. they know very little about if anything and b. actually convince themselves there is something of importance about what you are talking about. So it then puts them in a position to have to talk about something they know little about. Add to that… knowing they are talking about Network Marketing, or one of those things… they just don’t feel comfortable. How many times have you done something right on your first try? That is what you are asking them to do, and they don’t always connect on the first swing. So you let them take another swing and a couple of things happen. a. They feel more comfortable asking about it because they feel you actually listened and you are paying attention and want to give them value in your answer. b. They can now reframe the question and get into more detail, which translates into, “What’s In It for Me?”

So this kind of gives you an idea of the level of understanding you can get if you begin to use these simple words to help you bring more value to your prospects.



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