Climbing the Second Half of the Successful Network Marketing Business Ladder by Dr. Roger Boger

In the midst of these chaotic times, one can find order.

It’s sort of like how Buckminster Fuller put it…..rather than going against the intellectual and practical tide where strong opposition resides… Come up with a new idea and carry that idea and refine it until it proves to be successful…… to a practical end.

That way, personal and grandiose opposition never complicates your progress journey.

The same is true for our network marketing businesses today. The really interesting part is that many of us do not have to start over from the beginning. We already have some of the skills that are required for success in our profession… Communication skills, transferring vision skills, listening skills, offering solutions skills, team-building skills, and the various other fundamentals that network marketing requires.

The point is, that many of us don’t have to climb the entire ladder again after we have spent, perhaps years studying human interaction, problem-solving, solutions offered and read and learned from the masters of our profession.

Having said that, we do have to reclimb, let’s call it, the second part of the business development ladder. Today, that means that we have to go to where our market is located, and that means perhaps, the proper understanding of how to properly leverage social media and understand the audiences that can be gained on Facebook and LinkedIn, and Instagram and how to communicate more readily with hashtags and to understand the algorithms.              

It is also easier to accelerate your home-based business virtually…from home via Zooms and by more readily sharing information by texting. Did you know that marketing professionals say:

Volume: 74 trillion emails are sent each year whereas 8 trillion texts are sent each year.

Open Rates: Email open rates are 20% whereas SMS open rates are 98% Response Rates: Email response rates are 6% whereas SMS response rates are 45%

Response Time: It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email versus 90 seconds to respond to a text.

So, to climb the second half of the network marketing successful business ladder, retool your brain and skill set….go to where your prospective customers and business builder reside during these chaotic times.

Dr R A Boger Professional Network Marketer

Roger Boger
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