Coaching by Jillian Middleton

Hello, my name is Jillian Middleton, Founder and Head Coach at Thanks for taking the time to listen or read this article. Perhaps you’ll do both.

If you’d like to know my network marketing history or how I became a coach please read my bio. The short answer is I’ve built two network marketing businesses prior to coaching. I’ve been an entrepreneur all my professional life. No job. Not since I was 23 years old. I love setting my own course. Let’s dig in shall we?

Are You Ready for a Coach?

Why would you go to the trouble, time and expense of a coach? Simple. For the same reason an athlete or dancer works with a coach. To get on top of your game and to stay there. As an entrepreneur, being on top of your game means setting your own course. Setting your own course is freedom. It means you come and go as you wish. You design your life.

It also means you have total responsibility for what happens. Good coaching brings that fact home. Total responsibility that is. How does that work?

You Want Improvement

Often people come into coaching with a specific list of problems they want to solve. And coaching does do that, however, problem solving is only one thing coaching offers. It is not what coaching is.

Coaching improves your performance too.

It helps you attain your goals and get those results you want. But that still is not what coaching is all about.

What Coaching is About

Coaching is about Discovery, Awareness and Choice.

Coaching is about you tapping into your personal power to find your own answers and create the life you want to live. A coach’s promise is to encourage, support and give honest feedback.

Sound exciting? It is. But it includes some discombobulation. You see a good coach holds YOU accountable to your chosen path. The path you asked to follow to facilitate the change(s) you want to realize.

You Want More

You engage your coach because you want something to be different.

You engage a coach to rid yourself of frustration. You work your business. You’re busy. But your results are not there. You find yourself on a hamster wheel doing the same things over and over again with the same frustrating results.

A coach helps you step back, maybe slow down (yes, slow down), in order to work in an organized, methodical fashion. Organized, methodical are the antidote to busy. They are also the prescription for productive.


Going fast, being busy is very addicting. Organized and methodical sound boring. They are not. They are vexing. Being organized and methodical is difficult at times. However, the team that’s built and the money that’s made via organization and methodical working is very exciting.


A good coach helps you stay on track. A good coach brings you back to your solid business tools. Tools that facilitate the changes necessary to reach your goals.

If you want to improve your golf swing, your coach corrects your grip (over and over), corrects your follow through (over and over) reminds you to keep your head down (over and over).

Same with your yoga teacher. A good yoga teacher reminds you over and over again to stretch your spine, open your shoulders, keep your head straight on your neck (not tilted forward or back) and fold from the hips (not round your back). Yes, over and over again. Until when? Until muscle memory takes over.

A business coach does for you what a sports coach or yoga teacher does. She is there to ‘remind you over and over again’ until muscle memory takes over. As you build your team, you and your coach practice dialogue. Plus, your coach listens (via recordings) how you present your business and your trainings.

As you work toward a specific promotion, your coach keeps you focused on your day to day (money making) activity. Your coach keeps you out of ‘busy’ and into productivity.

You are Progress In Action.

Team Growth

Just as your golf swing gets better and your yoga twists easier and deeper with diligence, so does your business grow. Your team grows.

Your organized .. Methodical work .. Creates duplication.

As your team grows, your coach works with you to strengthen your leadership skills into muscle memory. You grow into effective leadership and live life with a deeper satisfaction.

Deeper Satisfaction?

Don’t raise your eyebrows! Yes, deeper satisfaction. It comes from more personal insight. Personal insight brings a deeper understanding of yourself. When you ‘get you’ and are proactive rather than reactive, doors seem to open everywhere. Why? Your eyes and ears are open.

You Want Less

You come to coaching because You want less. Less financial pressure.

Less stress. Less confusion.

You come to coaching for a better quality of life. A life that feels good at the end of the day. Oh, you feel tired. But a good tired, rewarded. A life that feels successful and YOU defined success.

Coaching Changes Everything

Coaching was once the domain of the elite business executive. Today, it is accessible to everyone. Today YOU can have a coach.

Coaching is all about insight. Insight into you. And because you don’t live in compartments, as you improve in your business, everything gets easier. You begin to see a vision for yourself that you didn’t see before.

Energy, Time and Insight

Coaching helps you claim the energy, time, insight and personal power to engage and roll out your vision … while living it one-step- at-a- time.

So I ask again.

Are YOU ready for a Coach?

It is my hope that this article sheds enough light on the topic of coaching that you’ll personally check it out. Talk to a couple of coaches. Most, like me, offer a complimentary session. Take advantage of that. Give me a call. I’d love to talk with you.

You advise your prospects to get all the information they need to make an informed decision. Now it’s your turn. Get the information you need to know if you’re ready for coaching.

If you’re willing to Go Beyond Agreeable

And Be Coachable,

It can Change Everything.

It starts with you. Come check us out at We may not be what you expect. But, we may well be, what you need.

 Coaching by Jillian Middleton


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