Coaching and Being Coached by George Madiou

George-Madiou4 reasons why coaching is essential.  If we were able to do it all in our business, completely on our own, we all would be very successful. That’s obviously not the case, nor how it works. We have been coached, taught and mentored since our very beginning.

Now that we are adults, finding a coach to coach us, is a critical step we can make to place us on a path of success in our business.

Here are 4 reasons why coaching is essential. Coaching is a sure way of learning. Being coached by someone who is where we want to be or has been there, can teach us the nuances that we cant get by self study. The wisdom and insight of a coach can direct our learning by stories and examples. We can learn through the eyes of a person that has already made the mistakes and found the most effective way for us to get where we want to go. NULL

By learning through a coach we respect and trust, we get a more thorough learning experience and become competent by learning in a priority way of what is the most important steps for us to achieve success.   Coaching is a more direct path to success. Having a coach, you have someone that will guide you in the step by step building block approach to your path to success. A coach will get you where you want to go in the most efficient and fastest way to success in your business. A coach will steer you away from the unimportant and guide you to the essential. A good coach can cut months if not years off the learning curve.   Coaching is a credible and fun way to get where we want to go. In a world of book learning and schooling, learning from a coach is a very credible and fun way of learning. A one on one setting can accelerate the learning time while having the ability of a coach focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Nothing is more fun than to get great results from incredible accomplishment!   Coaching is a model for you to turn around and help others that are looking to replicate success in their business. Once you have been coached and mentored, you will recognize those who are seeking the same desire to be coached. Beside the obvious benefits of coaching someone on your team to success, there is another great benefit to you being the coach.

As a coach, often you will learn more than your student. Iron sharpens iron and this will be true in your coaching experience.

Coaching is a secret weapon of the top people in business and sports. Why do you think Tiger Woods has a coach to this very day? Aim High! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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