Coaching for Success and Retention by Roberto Torres

Coaching is just one of the many skills you will need to develop to create a thriving, healthy organization. Once applied the benefits to you and your group are priceless. If you plan on building a growing healthy network marketing organization, then coaching is going to be an important part of your group’s growth. You must learn to coach and so should your up and coming leaders. One of the biggest worries a person has when they are about to join an MLM business or have just joined, is can I do this and will you help me. Webster’s dictionary defines coaching as: a private tutor; one who instructs or trains. But, there is a little bit more to it than that. Not, that I am saying I am smarter than Mr. Webster. I am just saying in my experience there is more to it. In order for you to be a successful coach within your growing organization, your coaching has to be more than just a tutor.

Coaching should be an ongoing relationship between you, your new distributor and your up and coming leaders. Be prepared to listen, watch and adapt your training to fit the individual needs of that new distributor.

 NULL This however does not mean changing your company or team system for each individual; it just means you should be sensitive enough to help the system fit them. Your coaching should cause your distributors to find the answers within themselves. It’s what I like to call “Self-Discovery”; the ideal situation would be to create interdependence as opposed to dependency on you for the source of all their answers. What Coaching Is Not Coaching is not counseling or therapy. This is not about you becoming a drug store psychologist and attempting to analyze your distributor and finding their inner demons. Coaching is not about fixing broken people. Nor is it about delving into their personal life, although at times they may share something personal the focus of your coaching should remain on helping them become their best. Coaching is not a social meeting. Rather you and your distributor when getting together are doing so to work. Work on goals, overcoming obstacles and moving onward and upward. Coaching is not a one size fits all type of thing. You must be a very good listener and determine what will best benefit the individual you are currently working with. What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that allows learning and development to happen and therefore allowing personal performance to improve.

It should put your distributor on track to reach their full potential. Your coaching should enable your team members to do more than they would normally. It should have them taking themselves as serious entrepreneurs and not just someone looking to make a few extra dollars. The coaching should create an environment where your team members are being more consistent and focused in their actions towards achieving their goals. Thus allowing them to become more balanced and fulfilled.

Your listening skills will become paramount to helping them achieve success.

A year or so ago one of my team members started to share with me how they were not living a life anymore. Their life seemed to revolve around their network marketing business. They started to share with me how bad the leads were that they were creating. No one wanted what we had to offer in their town and a host of other challenges. I was taken a little back because this person was starting to build a successful business. After this person had finished telling me the woes of network marketing, I asked a very simple question. I came up with the question because while listening to this person, I noticed one simple thing. My team member had not shared one positive thing with me about their business. So, I asked anything good going on? She then gave me a large list of things that were going on. I then asked her, why did you share all the negative stuff with me and none of the positive? Her answer was I am not living my life it is just revolving around my business. This prompted another question from me. “Are you working out of a calendar?” Her answer, No! Although the use of a calendar was taught in our training system, she had not applied it. It was a simple error in judgment. Self Discovery My experience has shown me that it is best for your team members to discover the answer within themselves than just relying on you for the answers.

Be a mirror to them that will cause them to look at themselves and come up with a solution for the problem based on the training and support they have received.

Then you simply hold them accountable. Give assignments that will allow the members of your team to look within themselves and see what their true potential is. When we enroll a new team member one of the first things we have them do is a questionnaire that will cause them to lay out some goals, what they will do to achieve them, how they expect you to help them and then finally this all gets laid out into a vision. This vision is what we use to continually coach our team members in achieving their goals. This is what they told you they wanted; it is not anything that you have influenced so therefore it is their responsibility to achieve it. With your coaching of course. 3 Basic Steps to Starting a Successful Coaching Process

  1. Plug your new affiliate into your training system immediately upon enrollment. I do this the minute someone is enrolled; they are directed to our team training site and get plugged into the training. I would also highly encourage you to get them signed up for the next upcoming event. Whether that be a Super Saturday, a Regional event or company convention. Direct them to the material within your training system that they must complete within 24-48 hours.
  2. Get them plugged into the next team training call, where they can meet others who are of the same mindset and focus. This will also allow you to create cohesion within your group.
  3. I would also encourage you to set them up with some coaching time with a successful upline who will give them a little different coaching style within the same system and team.

Coaching is just one of the many skills you will need to develop to create a thriving, healthy organization. Once applied the benefits to you and your group are priceless. “I demand a commitment to excellence and to victory and that is what life is all about.” – Coach Vince Lombardi


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