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DavidLFeinsteinxOne of the biggest challenges for mlm business owners is learning to be a coach. Many experienced owners have trouble-switching gears from salesperson to mentor. Many new prospects that join are looking for leadership. They desire to have success in their lives; it is up to the sponsor to help mentor them. How can you become a coach instead of a miner?

A coach will help their teams become successful and usually they follow a playbook. In this case, a playbook may not exist in the physical sense. Your experiences, defeats and wins can turn into a mental playbook for you to use. You can turn your mental playbook into a physical copy. You have access to many tools that you can use to coach your members. Success is a mental journey and how you think and behave will determine how fast you will achieve it.

The right knowledge and skills will come in handy. You should utilize your experience by using content formats to share your experiences. Keep your content organized and focus on providing an answer.

Many prospects will struggle with setting up their business. By sharing your firsthand knowledge in a series of blogs or articles you can help them get started faster.

Many learners are audio and visually gifted and so you can use videos, podcasts and presentations to explain your point. You should want to make their lives easier to manage. You can create a PowerPoint within two hours and have it published.

There are many different styles to coaching, but you should never leave content out of the mix. Some folks may have to access the information again; a handy guide to the practical reality of mlm may help your prospects get a feel for the business ropes. If you cannot be specific on a task, leave it out. If you cannot instruct your team on how to market, you should leave the subject matter alone.

Never fake your knowledge; it will cause problems down the road for you. It is ok not to be an expert in some things.

You can coach your prospects through webinars as well. You can offer instructional courses on subject areas that you are comfortable in and offer additional resources. The main aspect of a coach is being a good listener. Let your prospects come to you with their problems, listen and try to help them through their issues. A good coach will always leave their email box open for their team. **********************

David L. Feinstein, noted business coach and home business entrepreneur, is the author of various articles and books that help to empower individuals. To get the real innovative marketing knowledge and training, so you can be at the cutting edge of using technology to build your internet network marketing business correctly, visit;


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