Cold Calling for Women: Opening Doors & Closing Sales by TNMM Editor

How to reach your prospects easily and know exactly what to say when you do and eliminate your fears and start turning turn NO into YES.  Cold Calling for Women is one of the most helpful books I’ve ever read. It starts well before the tactics of picking up the phone to include the important strategies of identifying your market, targeting the right prospects, and positioning your product or service for maximum appeal. — Marti Barletta You know you’ve got your hands on something worthwhile when the woman who wrote the book on Marketing To Women, literally, writes an unsolicited (I assume) positive (clearly) review of your book on Marti went on to deliver the most important endorsement of all when, after admitting she was ‘terrified of making colds’ before reading Wendy’s book, she added, “I thought ‘Hey— I can do this!’ Let me tell you— that’s saying a lot!” It certainly is, but then, that’s the author’s job. They call Wendy Weiss “The Queen of Cold Calling” for good reason. She knows her stuff— and yours— and helps you get past it to greater success calling cold and warm as well.  NULL In the book— based on real-life, hands-on cold-calling experiences— you will discover how to:

    Develop a can’t miss marketing plan for cold calling (chapters 3,4,5) Identify hot leads so you don’t waste your precious time (chapter 4)Warm up to project confidence and authority for successful cold calling (chapters 2,3 and 14) Eliminate telephone terror and call reluctance (chapter 8)Create appointment-setting scripts that make your prospects want to see you (chapter 6) Breeze past the screens and gatekeepers (chapter 10)Easily handle the voice-mail barrier and reach your prospects (chapter 13)Convert any and all objections into profitable sales (chapter 12)Double the number of face-to-face appointments you set (chapter 6)Have fun (yes, fun!) with cold calling (chapter 18)

If you’ve been able to listen to Wendy’s audio accompanying her article How to write a cold calling script in this month’s issue, you already know she’s full of practical tips and techniques for handling each stage of the sales and appointment-setting and -getting process. You’ll also know— and be pleased by— how personable and honest she is, as well as concise and to the point. Her book is the same; eminently readable, easy on both the eyes and the mind. Ms. Weiss is excited and encouraging, upbeat and motivating. And although I sincerely doubt her publisher’s claim that all reader’s will “Eliminate fear and turn every NO into a YES”, I am certain you will be and do better at opening doors and closing sales. Pretty good ROI for an $11 purchase and (for many of you) a one-sitting read. Cold Calling For Women Written by Wendy Weiss Publisher: DFD Publications (April, 2000) Paperback: 176 pages ISBN: 0967126800 Retail: $15.95


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