Come…Soar with the Eagles by Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson

Come…Soar with the Eagles

Dedicated to all the brave men and women in network marketing

who dare to pursue their visions and dreams until they become realities!

A mighty weapon in the hand of God is a man or a woman with a dream

They carry a torch and lead the way so the path is clearly seen

That way to them is Liberty, which they boldly claim their own,

And offer to all in bondage that causes many now to groan

Cowards cower and excuses make for the pitiful lives they lead

But dreamers dream and actions take until their visions all succeed

One by one the obstacles faced along the way

Will fall like little dominoes toppled in child’s play

A dream my friend is holy ground, the very dwelling place of God,

Protected by a holy fire where the devil dares not trod

So do not trifle with a precious dream nor think it a lowly power

For the universe will bend to it…right down to the final hour

A dream that is stolen is not a dream but rather a wish in disguise

A wish is backed by empty desire but a dream by having a “why”

So go right ahead

Try to steal MY dream

Let’s see if you can take it

But don’t blame me if you get mauled like a bulldog’s rat gets shaken

Dream Big Dreams that are bigger than you and THEY WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL

And every “NO” that comes your way will just be more wind in your sail

Until you get 1,000 “No’s” you haven’t even tried

To prove that dreams are worth the fight to those whose dreams have died

The “No’s” you see are the secret key that unlocks the door to success

They really are the currency that buys the freedom you would possess

So just go for the “No’s” the “Yes’s” will come the faster you go for the “No’s”

THEN you will see that YOU HAD NOTHING TO FEAR on your way to becoming a pro

Guard your heart above all things and the dreams that grow therein

For out of its reality will flow power without end

Would you succeed beyond your wildest dreams and live like the common folk can’t

Then gird your heart with a warrior’s mind and listen not to the dream stealer’s chant:

“Oh, that’s a pyramid scheme! I don’t think it’s legal”

Just let THEM…go scratch with the chickens

And YOU my friend…

Come…Soar with the Eagles

Dave Thompson
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