Commitment, It’s All or Nothing by George Madiou

George-MadiouThe success of your business is up to you. This is no dress rehearsal this is the real thing. Don’t just be involved in your business, become committed to it! Commitment, what is it and how important is it. In observing people, you can tell who has real commitment and those who are just doing time. The people, who have no real direction, are going day to day, week to week and even year to year. Those, that are without a true commitment to something, allows things to happen to them. Their thrill often is to get to the end of the work week. They are very often not the people of success that you observe in your life.

People with commitment can be committed to different things, work, career, family, God and many other things. The ones that are committed have a special intensity – they are not the ones that are just involved.

In 1950 a fable by author Bennett Cerf was written. It has been repeated many, many times since it first appeared. It illustrated the intensity of true commitment. NULL

The fable of The Chicken and the Pig is about commitment to a project or cause.

Here is the short fable: A chicken and a pig were walking in the barnyard one day. The chicken was so proud and talking on and on about how glad she was that she and the pig helped the farmer and his family by supplying them with ham and eggs for breakfast. The pig, however, was less enthusiastic about it. He replied, “That’s easy for you to say. For you it’s just a donation. For me it’s a total commitment.”

When you see someone with the commitment of the pig, there is no question of that person’s commitment. Conversely, we come across many people, especially in the business world who lack that total commitment and is just involved like the chicken. What is your commitment, to your business? Are you excited about the results you’re getting? If not, how committed are you to your success? Are you just casually involved in your business and hoping something will result from your involvement? Well listen up, just being involved will not result in extreme success. You must be fully committed!

You must be the expert. No one should possess more knowledge than you about your business and its products and services. Here is the good news; there is always someone that you can learn from to become more knowledgeable.

Don’t stop, keep learning. Devour this knowledge and become THE expert. Decide how much time each week you can devote to your business and being in front of someone who can buy or become a business partner for the amount of hours you committed to, for that week. This doesn’t mean those hours are spent learning, learning is done out side of the “doing” hours. Spend that many hours (or more) in front of people that can buy from you or join your team. This time is for meeting face to face, or on the phone or bringing prospects into your own personal web conference room like Figure out how many “no’s” you need to hear to get a “yes” and then determine how many “yes’s ” you want for the week to accomplish your weekly goal and then start getting those “no’s”. If you have to get 5 “no’s” to get a “yes” and you need 4 sales or “yes’s”, that means you have to hear 20 “no’s” to get your 4 sales for the week.

Don’t stop until you get all 20 “no’s”. Get committed and stay committed!

The success of your business is up to you. This is no dress rehearsal this is the real thing. Don’t just be involved in your business, become committed to it! Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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