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Barbara Pellegrino10 Ways for women to share the opportunity I think this topic could read “How Women SHOULD Share Opportunity”…if they want to be successful.” Why? Because we are all too aware of the times when a consultants enthusiasm gets a little too much for the unsuspecting or uninitiated customer or prospect… and the old Tell, Tell, Tell, Sell, Sell, Sell, approach gets the better of the otherwise reserved woman. Rather than actually connecting, exciting and encouraging their prospect, their “friend” often ends up running in the opposite direction. How does one enthusiastically share opportunity without becoming a “pushy sales person”? What is the best way to avoid these types of interactions?

By understanding our basic nature and taking advantage of the way we inherently interact. Woman in general, traditionally being the nurturers and caregivers share their excitement from the heart, not from the head. Emotionally not logically.

 NULL In fact, there are many sales courses and mentors who quote how people tend to buy emotionally and then justify their purchase, logically. So, how should a woman share the opportunity?

    1. By knowing exactly why you are doing what you are doing.
    2. By being a product of the product. Having first hand experience of its value.
    3. By being educated about the product, its significance and its demographic i.e. who specifically would benefit by the product/business. A targeted approach, knowing the type of person you can serve best will produce better results than just sharing with everyone.
    4. By genuinely loving the product, and being educated, understanding the company and the business plan. Being the trusted expert.
    5. By asking questions to discover who would benefit from this opportunity. By genuinely coming from a heart space and caring more to be “interested in the other person, rather than being interesting.”
    6. By discovering what is really important to the other person and how your business opportunity could serve them. Rather than telling them all the benefits you would get if they joined your team.
    7. By observing and understanding your prospects communication style to be able to speak in a way that is familiar to you both. As we have heard so many times “Like attracts like”, “birds of a feather flock together.” Women especially, prefer to develop a relationship and feel comfortable with the people with whom they do business.
    8. By being proud of who you are, the work you do and being solid in knowing exactly why you get out of bed in the morning and share this opportunity.
    9. By knowing who you want as “Your ideal customer” & the qualities you want in your team members, so that you recognize them when you meet them.
    10. By starting fresh everyday, staying excited, enthusiastic and believing in what you do, what you have, who you are and knowing there is always possibility and potential in each new moment.



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