Communication: The Essence of Networking by TNMM Editor

Powerful communication tools that can help leverage YOUR time, energy and resources  From smoke signals to the Internet and everything in between, these forms of communication have had a significant impact in their moment of history in shaping the world as we know it today.

The single most important factor for success in the network marketing industry is utilizing all the latest forms of telecommunication to help leverage the individual networkers time, energy and resources.

In an industry that is spreading internationally, it’s imperative for today’s networkers to be able to economically communicate with their leaders in countries throughout the world. There can be no tolerance for the shock therapy that too many experience when they receive phone bills for exorbitant roaming or international calling charges. NULL

What if there was a Telecommunications Company that was one of the most respected and innovative leaders in the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) arena, the future of the telecommunications industry, that had iconic International Corporations as clients, including The United Nations and The World Bank because they were technological leaders and could provide innovative Corporate Telecom Solutions? What if there was a Telecommunications Company that had a synergistic partner who was the premier manufacturer of cellular hardware and software, where the management and engineers from both companies collaborated to create Proprietary Products in the $4 trillion telecommunications industry and was always forging ahead to be on the leading edge of technology? What if a Telecommunications Company could offer the following to you right now? Would you be interested?

Various landline products for the home or office, both analog and VOIP that can offer UNLIMITED calling up to 35 countries for no more than $23 per month! The ability to offer a PROPRIETARY PRODUCT that will allow you to talk FREE on your cell phone to anyone in the network ANYWHERE in the world at ANYTIME! To have a domestic SIM CARD that you can put in your cell phone that allows you to talk unlimited with unlimited Internet access plus extras for only $40 per month! To have a Hybrid Cell Phone with 10 separate incoming lines either foreign or domestic, incoming calls are FREE and outgoing calls are treated as local calls to that country! You also have the ability to call out on either VOIP for FREE anywhere in the world or on the GSM network anywhere in the WORLD for pennies a minute! To be able to send up to $10,000 anywhere in the WORLD for $1 right through your cell phone to the Company’s Debit Card, sent to the person you want to receive the funds!

The answer to WHAT IF is YES! There is a Company that can give you ALL of the above RIGHT NOW! Stay tuned as The Network Marketing Magazine will show you how you can use these tools to build your international business as efficiently and economically as possible to give YOU the edge you need!


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