Community is something very clear, and is bigger than us by Sean Murphy

Group of like minded people willing to help one another.

I’m not sure if that’s any official definition of Community, it’s how I see community. When I look at Network Marketing, this ONE word can make or break a company.


Without a community, you have a person. Individual people who are not in focus, who are not working towards a common goal, who are not committed to having more, who are not growing.

So how do YOU create community in your family, your team, your organization?


The IDEA that everyone can understand and the IDEA that everyone can become.

The Idea may be a better family life. The Idea may be to be the best Mom, best Dad, best son or daughter.

How does this relate to your Network business? Simple. Everyone who is part of your team, who will be part of your team, each of them has an Idea of what they want.

Uncover that, find that vision.
Clarify it! Look at it in detail, is this really what they want to spend their energy on for the next 6 months, 6 years achieving?

If the answer is yes.. then help them become the “ideal role model” for that Idea.

What tools do you have to leverage?

Your company’s support. From the online presence, to conferences, webinar’s, meetings of different types.

These are tools that will help your community leverage the company you are with.

Remember, it’s not the Church that makes the community, it’s the people in the Church. It’s not the stadium that makes the fans, its the people in the stadium that makes the fans.

It’s not your company that makes the community, it’s YOU that makes the community. So to build a bigger community, you have to teach people how to leverage all the benefits your company has to offer.

When people learn that, they can create more income, better health and have more to work with to be better at their goals.

So community, as I see it, is something very clear, and is bigger than us, bigger than our products, bigger than our company.

Community is common people working on common goals to create UNcommon success.

Hugs from Dallas,
Sean Murphy
Founder of:

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