Confidence Leads to Personal Success by David Feinstein

Confidence Leads to Personal Success

It is important to recognize confidence as a key tool to build personal success. 

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” -Norman Vincent Peale is known for popularizing the concept of positive thinking. Without personal faith in oneself, life gets too dark and grimy to live in. Confidence grows from experience; thus, action is the catalyst for the fire. Some experiences may not always turn out the way we expect; however, it should not hold us back from going forward to the next stage.

Boldness from Painful Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to move forward and learn from your mistakes.  If you remain still and quiet among the world, everything will pass you by. Let your fire for success drive you. Eventually you’ll make less errors and you can then move forward and challenge yourself even further. If you can embrace your painful mistakes and step boldly into the day. You can feel your world change as you move from one task to another. You can create powerful relationships with prospects and other people in your life. From this you can build your stairway to success and not have it collapse on you.

While some people get intimidated from the mistakes and shy away from risk. You don’t have to be a sheep in a world of wolves. You can change your mind and become bold and take smaller risks to boost your confidence. This will help you in the long run learn to deal with setbacks and problems that arise in business and in personal life. When you can look at your mistakes and gleam the lessons from it and apply it to your next moves, then you’re ready to achieve your goals.

Break it down into small steps

Take small steps at first and make your mistakes at this stage. Unfortunately, you will make mistakes in future stages. In the small stages, not much is at risk, but the mistakes can help you develop a stronger mind against later ones that may cost you more. Small steps are important as you move forward in life. Take your time with risks, sometimes you cannot afford to risk certain resources to meet a goal. Other times, you may have to jump right in to see the pay off. Know your limits and increase your confidence over time and you’ll will find yourself successful.

David Feinstein
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