How important is consistency in the success or failure of your business?

That is not the critical question. The critical question is how important is consistency in the success or failure of your life and the life of your family?

One simple word but so overlooked in our life.

Consistency is like a rutter on a boat. It dictates direction and progress for you, your business, and your life.

It becomes a conscience or an unconscious choice, it is up to you. You are in control. It is that simple! If you constantly make great choices or poor choices, it will be easy to predict the outcome.

When I started The Network Marketing Magazine, I told my partner I didn’t want to write a monthly article. He asked me why are we doing this project? I indicated that we could be able to help many, many networkers succeed in a business that, they may not have been inspired to pursue. He then asked if I would consider just writing the first article in our inaugural issue. I agreed and I am proud it is one of the most consistent activities in my entire business career.

This is the 184th article I have written and shared with over 200,000 readers in the last 15 years!

I have grown in so many ways. I have had readers write me on how much my articles have helped them in their business. This experience has helped me define our purpose in The Network Marketing Magazine. We have never missed producing an issue the first of every month for 184 issues. We have shared over 3,000 articles, videos, and audios at that time.

We have made an impact on many 1,000’s of networkers around the world.

In 2016 I started down one of the most consistent pathways. Two friends of mine, Jim Packard and George Campbell wrote one of the most important books that I have ever read, The Consistency Chain (now updated The Consistency Chain For Network Marketing.)

With the guidance from this book, I started a project that I knew I could increase the success of networkers around the world with a training system called The 27%er Success System (

With hundreds of expert contributors, including legends in the network marketing industry, we compiled one of the most comprehensive, fun, and effective systems to guide anyone down the path to financial success in your network marketing business.

The success of this system, would not have been possible without that consistent daily effort.

From the initial concept to the daily improvements from our team and users, consistency has been the secret to the success and effectiveness.

That is just one of our stories of employing consistency with outstanding results. Now it’s your turn, consistency can help you or hurt you, the choice is yours. You can make great consistent choices or consistent poor ones that harm you.

Today is the best day to evaluate the choices you make in your business and life.

If you would like some help, email me at and put Consistency in the subject line.

Here’s to your consistent success,

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