Controlling Your Controllables By Brian Biro

I have an important question for you this month.  Are you a leader? 

It’s a bit of a trick question because so long as you’re breathing there can only be one answer. And it is a resounding YES!  Long before you stepped into your Network Marketing business you were the CEO of your own life!  Because, what IS leadership? 

You ARE a leader because leadership is simply making decisions and acting upon them!

How do you show up each day?  That’s leadership!  How do you deal with challenges, change, uncertainty, and even prosperity?  That’s a big part of your leadership.  Perhaps most important of all, what kind of impact do you have on those around you?  Do you lift them up?  Do you tear them down?  Do you neutralize them?

So, clearly, you are already a leader.  But, today, I encourage you to see yourself with fresh eyes, as a new kind of leader…a future-ready leader…a BREAKTHROUGH LEADER!

Make no mistake, as a Network Marketer, you’re in the BREAKTHROUGH business! 

Every month, this column is aimed at one powerful vision…to help you see yourself as a Breakthrough Leader!  And, it is an unstoppable truth, that when you change the way you see yourself, the self you see will CHANGE!

I have been working on this model called Breakthrough Leadership for over 40 years through three truly fulfilling careers… 

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Brian Biro
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