Create An Action Plan to Grow Your Business with Velocity and Track Your Results by Dr. Joe Rubino

Joe_RubinoCombine massive action with an effective personal development program and you will possess the winning formula that will all but guarantee your success in building your Network Marketing dynasty.

Consistent (day in and day out) and persistent (following up until you get a result) action is an essential component for Network Marketing success.

When you combine massive action with an effective personal development program that ensures you will grow in effectiveness daily, you will possess the winning formula that will all but guarantee your success in building your Network Marketing dynasty. You will not necessarily know which niche or reaching out methods will provide you with the greatest success until you track your results. Commit to prospecting a sizable number of individuals, say 50-100 to start, in each of 2 to 4 different niche markets. Perhaps these niches might include your work group or profession, your church group, your school class, your children’s soccer team’s parents or your club list. NULL

Decide how many hours per week you can devote to your prospecting efforts. Commit to a Single Daily Action that consists of a minimum number of daily conversations you will make day in and day out in each of your niche groups. Buy a spiral bound notebook, which you will use as your journal and record the following statistics in it on a daily basis:

-Date of the conversation -The name, address, phone, fax, email address and any other pertinent information about the prospect -How you obtained the prospect’s name (in other words, which ad did he answer, was he a referral from a friend or business associate, was he a warm market contact, or did you obtain his name from another source?) -Also record important facts about the prospect including family, occupation, where he or she lives, hobbies, areas of interest, concerns and challenges

Answer the following questions to gauge your progress:

-Did you develop rapport and get to know your prospect sufficiently? -Did you create an opening to share what you have to offer and actually be heard? -Did you identify what was important or missing in his or her life? -Did you create value and rich possibilities? -Did he or she get that you are successful and your commitment is to support him or her in being successful? And for every conversation, remember to ask: -What worked? and -What was missing that, if put into place, would make the next prospecting conversation more effective?

Be creative in obtaining your prospect leads.

Perhaps many will come from your warm market consisting of those people you know or know of or those who know of you. Others may come from ads targeting the specific type of prospect you are seeking. Advertise for chiropractors in a chiropractic journal and for Spanish speaking individuals in a Hispanic language newspaper, etc. Prospect for men with ads in men’s magazines and for powerful women in magazines that they read. Ask those in positions of credibility and authority with the group you seek to suggest ways to target them.

Also, remember that everyone is most powerful and productive when following a pathway or structure that makes winning easier.

The value of the pathway will often times be in direct proportion to both your ability to create rich possibilities for your prospect while showing them an access to how they too can succeed if they join you. Also important are factors that contribute to easily developing rapport and commonality with your prospects. If they can get to know you, like you and trust you, you will be much closer to enrolling them. Some pathways might include any of the following. Please refer to this list in your workbook and make note of any pathways that you may wish to test market. Some of these pathways might include: -Friends, family and Warm Market contact lists. -Referral Marketing or folks referred to you by those you know or meet. -Classified Ads in local, regional, national and niche market newspapers and magazines -Company sponsored or Upline Co-operative ads -Trade Shows or Health Fairs -Hosting Business Opportunity Meetings -Trade specific Opportunity Meetings -Home Parties -Targeting a Niche Group with which you have something in common -Getting Published in magazines, newspapers and journals -Submitting press releases featuring hot topics of interest which relate to your products or business opportunity -Speaking before groups or organizations -Working a product approach in a particular niche market (for example – offering air purifiers to bars, restaurants, hotels or pet owners. -Cold calling, whether done in person or by phone -Faxing after calling to request permission to send the fax along. -Building on the internet through chat room prospecting, opt-in email, ezine ads, banners or in other ways. -Writing or sponsoring an Internet Newsletter mailed to a list of subscribers -Offering a free sample of an appropriate product. -Targeting businesses that can offer your product to their customers. -Prospecting an ethnic group you have credibility with. -Prospecting with Direct mail, be it with postcards, letters, catalogs, audio-tapes, flyers or mailers. So, take on the following exercise: In the next 30 days, commit to having a minimum of 100 conversations with prospects in 2 to 4 niches. Prospect this group by obtaining your names while working in 2 to 4 different pathways. Continue to do this for at least the next 500 prospecting conversations in any number of niche markets while following your chosen pathways. Track your results as you go so that you will be able to soon have hard numbers that will tell you which niche markets and which pathways are the most effective for you. Once you identify your most productive niche markets and pathways, you will focus more of your efforts there while continuing to experiment with other markets and pathways, always tracking your numbers as you go.

As you perform your Daily Action Commitment, having a minimum number of quality conversations each and every day, week and month, remember to develop rapport, create rich possibilities and always look to contribute to the other person and you will be well on your way to achieving network marketing success.

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