Creating Customer and Partner Delight!! by George Madiou

What a strange subject, someone commented about the feature theme for the November 2022 issue!

I have been so pleased with the way our contributors have handled this month’s topic. As an entrepreneur for the last 50 years, this subject has been crucial to many of my successes, and honestly owning over 36 businesses in that span of time, has been the cause of some failures in my past. Early on it was a hard lesson to learn.

My very great friend and colleague Rex Harris, has nailed this important concept in his feature article, this month.

I LOVE this man!

We work together here at The Network Marketing Magazine by supporting our members and helping them to get on a path to financial success in their businesses

As a result, we get to honor this World Leader as the person who deserves to be on the cover of this special issue. I am also thrilled to share his feature article as one of the guideposts to success in your journey.

In the intro of this topic on the home page, I promised that I would make some suggestions for using this month’s issue to help you and your organization down a path of greater success. This is our wish for all of you!

Do our customers need to do business with us? Do they have choices? Who are we anyway? 

What about the people we work with? Do they look forward to collaborating with us? 

If we had to buy from us, or if we had to work with us, would we?

It seems like a silly question but think about it. It seems like an interesting question to consider. 

This is the purpose of the November 2022 issue this month. Putting the advice from our contributors this month, to work for the next 12 months (YES! for the next year.) Then put the results in a daily journal of the results that you get, when you pay attention to the day’s accomplishments.

We don’t often give assignments to our readers, however, this is an issue that will assist you and your group in an increased level of financial success.

Contact me and let me know how you are progressing, I really want to hear from you and cheer you and your team on. Perhaps we will feature your successes in future issues! Let me know, [email protected]

This isn’t an assignment that is right for everyone. It is for those that want to see the results that they are looking for!

George Madiou
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