Creating Customer Loyalty in an Automated World by Lisa Wilber

Lisa Wilber

That is why it is so important to do everything in your power to build strong relationships with every person you do business with while also always looking for new customers. Here are 3 things that I do to help build customer loyalty in my business that you might want to try.

Receiving a card in the mail is quite rare these days, so sending your customer a thank you card for doing business with you will set you apart from your competition. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a simple note with a short heartfelt message will work wonders.

I personally like using the SendOutCards platform because I can personalize the cards with pictures of the products the customer purchased as well as using my own handwriting font (they offer that as a one-time add expense).

SendOutCards also offers an affiliate program, so I can work towards earning money or at least generating enough income to break even on what I spend. They also offer gifts that can be included with the card, such as a two-pack of brownies or a Starbucks gift card, which I like to include when a customer has a big order. If you want to try their service, they are offering a special right now called the “10 card challenge,” where you get 10 cards over 20 days for $20, including postage. That is less expensive than anything you can buy in a retail store and way more customizable. Here is my affiliate link in case you want to give it a whirl: PRO TIP: I always sign my cards this way: “Thank you for allowing me to be Your Avon Lady” to show my gratitude.

If you are in a rush or not in a good mood, do not answer a customer call or reach out to customers.

See how many times you can include the words “Thank you” and “I appreciate you” in your conversation. Look for ways to be of service by listening to what your customer says. For example, if your customer orders moisturizer from you, ask her if she already has a cleanser she likes or if she’d like to hear about your favorite cleanser on the line that you think she might like.

When taking a customer’s order, after each item she reads, she says something like, “How many of those would you like me to include with your order?” You’d be surprised by just saying one line how often the customer will ask for more than one.

Suggest products that your customer usually purchases from you when they are on sale. You might say something like “Hi Jane! I noticed that your night cream is on sale this month and was wondering if you’d like me to order some for you?” Your customer will be pleased that you are looking out for her budget.

PRO TIP: Keep a mirror near where you use your phone or at your desk so you will be reminded to SMILE when talking to customers. Having a smile on your face will show in your voice and mean a much better experience for your customers.

When I say “add value”, it does not necessarily have to mean a big added expense to you. For example, I add a tootsie roll midget to each invoice. I tape it right on the invoice, and I also handwrite the word THANK YOU on the invoice each time. You can purchase a large quantity bag of tootsie roll midgets for very little money, and the impact on your customer is quite amazing.

Small touches such as this make people want to continue to do business with you. In my business, I have set up a ”customer pickup” location at home. It is a blue shed on my property where customers can pick up their orders at their convenience.

As part of my commitment to great customer service, I make sure that the shed is swept out and the paint is fresh. I often walk the path my customers will walk to the shed to make sure I am seeing everything the customer will see. Is the grass trimmed? Is there any litter that needs to be picked up? In the winter, is the snow moved so the customer has access? Is there sand on any ice on the path so the customer will not slip in the winter? Paying attention to details such as these adds value to your customer experience.

PRO TIP: If you are handwriting your invoices or adding the word THANK YOU handwritten on the invoice, be sure to take your time and make it readable!

One of my long-time customers, Carol, said to me, “Lisa, you do not need to send me a thank you note each and every time I place an order!” and I said to Carol, “But I do, Carol! It’s a rule in my business! I want to make sure that you always know how much I appreciate you doing business with me!” to which Carol replied “I had a feeling you would say that! That’s why I would never buy from anyone else, and it’s also why I keep referring other people to buy from you!”

The customer experience matters. Do your best to give excellent customer service and continue to look for ways to amaze and delight your customers. That is how you create customer loyalty.

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Lisa Wilber
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