Creating Synergistic Partnerships Globally is the key to Success in 2015 by Dotti Berry

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Dotti BerryConnecting, Engaging, Innovating, Collaborating, and Leveraging our unique collective talents is more essential than ever.

HOW we accomplish this is a two-sided coin…both a challenge and an opportunity.  We’re bridging together previous methods that created the foundation of a billion dollar profession with new methods revolving around technology that will move it toward being a trillion dollar one.  This combination is proactively creating these synergistic partnerships, offering us a global perspective of rich diversity never before available.

The greatest opportunity for growth in the Network Marketing profession lies outside your borders…wherever your borders are, but particularly outside North America.  Those individuals are hungry for an opportunity to have their own business and be their own boss.  I am inspired by their energy and excitement as we all seek to change our wealth destiny and create a legacy.

What tools will network marketers need to participate in this collaborative environment?

1) The list is still key.  That much hasn’t changed. The paradigm shift, however, is happening because there are multiple new types of lists, and knowing how to build and engage with them is critical to your success.

You can still make that list of 100 friends and family; however, if you’re not building an online list, it’s not a matter of IF you will build that list, it’s a matter of WHEN.  My advice? The sooner, the better.

                   It’s not a matter of IF

              you’re going to build a List…….

              It’s a matter of WHEN.

Remember the old days of putting a business card into the fishbowl at the Chamber Event?  New methods entail variety in the manner in which the “connection” is created and delivered.  For instance, one different method is having people opt in with their name and email to your list.  Call it the Big Technology Fishbowl.

Similar to the past where simply having a person’s business card didn’t make you wealthy, likewise, just having an email doesn’t mean that instant success will come your way.

The 2 Cs are extremely important.  That’s creating and communicating with your list, whether it was created offline or online.  In that respect, it’s not unlike any other relationship.  You must give it time and energy.

          Two C’s are Essential:

          1) Creating Your List

          2) Communicating with your List.

Some of you might now be thinking, But I dont have a list.

Get ready to build a new type of list…in addition to continuing to create the old type of list.  It’s not either/or…it’s both/and.  This brings me to #2.

2) An overall marketing system to communicate with your list is essential.

Ideally, the best type of system will not only enable you to create sales funnels, but give you the ability to provide a share code for your team so that they have a “done for you” system.  This positions you as a leader.

Talk about a great way to entice someone to join YOUR team!

More than that, a complete system will enable you to create professional pages for housing your Google Hangouts plus much, much more! The details are for another time.

While this industry has been built upon the foundation of belly-to-belly relationships, expanding globally means expanding the “home party” and incorporating a new definition. Yes, there’s a party going on, but it’s on your home computer with someone in another country…i.e. via a Google hangout…and one person is speaking English, and another person is translating to another language…all from the comfort of your “home party.”  This would also apply to a training hangout about your product, opportunity and comp plan once they join your company.

What we all want to do hasn’t changed. Building those personal relationships is primary.  How we build them is changing moment by moment, moving rapidly from computer to mobile. In fact, many people world-wide have never owned a computer because the financial cost was prohibitive.  Their mobile device has become the first personal vehicle for them to engage online.

              Building Relationships is of primary importance.

             How we build them is what is changing.

Although technological tools and systems enable this relationship building, what’s just as important is that we draw from the talents of both men and women so that we continue to learn from one another, as well as from people who come from different cultures, speaking different languages.

Okay, you might now be at the point of thinking, Not only do I not have one of these new lists I dont have a marketing system.

Well guess what?  Any time you begin something new, you aren’t at the level you’ll achieve in five years.

Choose to be determined to take your first steps today. Acknowledge, Im open to building that list and utilizing a marketing system.

3) Social Media Marketing is here to stay, and growing every day.

Social media creates a whole new type of online list… one not necessarily created or serviced by email, though a combination often happens.

Again, some things never change.  Although we will be bringing great training on everything from Facebook to Pinterest to LinkedIn through Hangout with The Network Marketing Magazine at Hangout With TNMM where you can learn how to professionally connect and engage with people, asking them how you can help them…first…is primary.

Most of us know from personal experience that the turning point in network marketing for creating success is Help others get what they want, and your desires, dreams and financial goals will be realized.

In closing, let me acknowledge how excited I am about the opportunity to help George Madiou propel The Network Marketing Magazine to a new level, where we will reach people with whom we’ve never connected.  In todays world, nobody is any longer out of reach of TNMM!  We are on the cusp of an exciting paradigm shift within our profession, as well as within TNMM.

As you come “hangout” with us via our LIVE weekly Google Hangouts at Hangout With TNMM, and utilize our chat box, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversations with others.

You will discover how utilizing G+ hangouts (called #hangoutonair or #HOA) for all of your videos which you create can enable you to  brand and land on Page 1 of Google. This applies whether it is a video created on the Google Hangout platform where you’re doing a training with up to 10 people presenting and an unlimited number watching…or just shooting a 30 second or 2 minute video.

Why?  Google Hangouts are actually live streaming YouTube videos. Google owns YouTube and gives incredible SEO value to these hangouts. Let’s face it…we always give extra loving to our friends and family, and Google is no exception.  Those live hangouts become evergreen videos within 5 minutes after the end of the hangout. That means they are there forever (unless you delete them of course)…but why would you?  They help people find YOU rather than you chasing them as you form new relationships.

At the end of the day, no matter what type of list you build…offline (friends and family) or online (enabling global reach), it’s all about the relationships because people do business with people they know, like and trust.  I personally do not believe that will ever change…I hope not!

Join with George and me weekly at Hangout With TNMM, beginning in 2015 (every Thursday at noon PST, beginning January 8), where we will engage as the Thought Leaders of tomorrowtoday!

We must band together to push the boundaries of marketing methods and use those ideas to leverage the presence of the network marketing profession everywhere, or in as many places simultaneously as possible, via social or broadcast media.

Working together, we will forge a new future in our profession.

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