Creating Multiple Streams of MLM Income, What They Don’t Tell You by Dale Calvert

Dale_CalvertThere is a reason the concept of “definite of purpose” was discussed in Think and Grow Rich. In my 30+ years in Network Marketing I have never met a mlm leader who was working two or more network marketing companies at the same time and earning at least $10,000.00 a month, have you? Think about that for a minute. I have met thousands of people who were earning $10,000 plus a month, but have never met ONE person that was doing it while working multiple programs. I believe in numbers, and the law of averages and anyone who tries to defy those numbers is either greedy or ignorant. I don’t say ignorant as a derogatory term. I simply mean, doesn’t know any better or has been misguided by an affiliate marketer who thought they were in network marketing. NULL

Network marketing is a leadership development business. One trait all leaders have is what Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich called; “definite of purpose”. People are not going to follow you if you don’t know where you are going.

I have heard all the arguments, the products are totally different, they enhance each other, If a prospect doesn’t like program A I can share with them program B and on and on. All the arguments are the same and they simply stem from ignorance or greed… it is not even debatable. Listen, don’t send me the nasty emails, it is Napoleon Hills fault! However if you ask most network marketers what program they are with they started rattling off a list of three or four companies. How did this happen? I am all about multiple streams of incomes and mastering different business models. I believe in that concept. However for 95% of the population to have a chance at mastering network marketing it takes 100% focus and dedication for at least 18 months, and that is If you have a great mentor. Understand, I am talking about the network marketing, leadership development business model, not some affiliate marketing program.

If you would rather earn $2,000 a month from five different business models than you would $10,000 a month from one, I totally understand that. What I am attempting to communicate is just don’t expect network marketing to be one of those business models.

I think one of the challenges in today’s marketing environment is many business models have been lumped together. Many people have a hard time clarifying in their mind what the difference is between the mlm business model, affiliate marketing and what I call all inclusive marketing systems. There are so many hybrid type programs in the market that sometimes people think they are in a traditional network marketing company when really what they are doing is more of an affiliate program. Network marketing is about developing leaders, affiliate marketing is about developing email list. Network marketing is about developing wealth, affiliate marketing is about developing extra income. Today my wife and I own & work multiple business models and we love it, but I truly believe that success would have totally avoided me if I had attempted to do that in the beginning of my marketing career.

I believe you should focus and master one business model at a time before learning the next one, and that is the approach that has worked for me and many of my marketing friends.

Put your blinders on, stay focused and build your network marketing income to at least $10,000 a month before you even think about another business model. Our primary business is our network marketing consulting, training and seminar company. That is our expertise, our bread and butter and where we have spent over thirty years. However, when I semi-retired at age 39 after being blessed to have earned millions of dollars building network marketing teams, I wanted to learn new business models. Today my wife and I also operate an eBay Training company, a Kindle Publishing company,  a real estate company,  and more. We enjoy helping those that want to escape the trap of a nine to five existence move forward. However, if I had tried to learn all those business models at the same time in the beginning of my career I wouldn’t ever have had the opportunity to communicate with you through the Network Marketing magazine. I have heard it said that you are only 5 books away from being an expert.  I believe that is true with most business models, but not network marketing. Again, to master network marketing it is going to take at least 18 months of 100% focus with great mentorship. That is just the way it is, and that is why you see so many people that have been wandering around this industry for years and never really mastering it. It is the primary reason we started the MLM Training Club to give people a solid chance at network marketing success. When I was building I have had multiple team members come to me over the years pitching me on XYZ program and how it would fit great into what I was doing. My response has always been the same. Pick one company that you can give your heart and soul to and go for it 100%, and I don’t care which company it is. So what I am sharing with you in this article I would tell you in person, I believe it is a Wisdom of the Ages principle that you simply cannot afford to violate.

Network marketing is a very challenging business model. It is the responsibility of leadership to set the proper example.

There is a reason the concept of “definite of purpose” was discussed in Think and Grow Rich. So never attempt to develop multiple steams of MLM income, and get to at least $10,000 a month in your current opportunity before you think about diversifying into other business models.


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