Creating the REAL Value in Network Marketing by David Nelson

David NelsonThe REAL “product” or REAL value to the distributor is the opportunity to make money.  “General Motors is not in the business of making cars, General Motors is in the business of making money.” ~~Thomas Murphy, Past Chairman of General Motors Network marketing has awesome products. For decades, the legitimate companies have marketed products that change people’s lives. It’s wonderful to share these products with people and see the powerful, life-changing results. When a “company” markets a product that is not legitimate or is not a REAL value, that scheme is really just another money game. Make certain you are a value to the industry and offer products of REAL value and don’t promote the money games.  NULL

George Madiou, founder and publisher of, suggests that “the best networkers offer value” for the purpose of assisting business builders in their groups “achieve their goals and dreams.” From what I have seen in network marketing, the goals and dreams of those who join network marketing definitely require money.

So, the REAL value that the “best networkers” bring to other networkers is to help them make money – regardless of whether the team partners are part time or full time.

That last statement is written because so many “big-time” networkers really don’t want to work with the part-time distributors. The “hitters” are really not that concerned if the part timers make money or not. If the part-time people made money, the network marketing industry would have an entirely different reputation. The REAL Value That brings us to the REAL value of a network marketing homebased business. Of course, we are talking from the point of view of the distributors who join the networking organization. Most people get involved in network marketing to make money. That’s also why individuals purchase a franchise. The franchisee wants to make money. So, for the franchisee, the REAL “product” or value of the franchising industry is not hamburgers, ice cream, sandwiches, or automobiles, rather it is the opportunity to make money. Sure, that’s easy enough to understand when speaking of franchises. The REAL “product” or REAL value is the opportunity. That’s also the case with network marketing! The REAL “product” or REAL value to the distributor is the opportunity to make money. In order to attract people to become distributors, networkers “sell the money.” They sell the opportunity to make money. They market the chance for lifestyle. They share freedom – time freedom and financial freedom. Networkers tell people that they can help them “achieve their goals and dreams.”

Network marketing entrepreneurs are in the opportunity business. WOW! Isn’t it great!

Awesome Products to Market Of course, we have the awesome products that we distribute. It’s wonderful because so many of these great products are life-changing. They make a huge difference in the lives of so many. And, what is special about the business is that most legitimate companies offer great products. Use them! Enjoy them! But don’t get distracted from the reason that you were attracted [often enticed] into network marketing — for most people it is to make money. Don’t get distracted from the REAL value you can create in someone’s life – you help them make residual income. The REAL Values of the Opportunity! The most compelling REAL value for me, and this is what excited me into the business, is the time freedom. Yes, I want to do what I want to, when I want to, and have the money to enjoy it. That freedom of time is the great attraction that hooked me on the business. It’s in my blood. Yes, network marketing is in my blood. I want to share it with everyone who wants any of the many benefits that the REAL value, the opportunity, provides. Residual income is another REAL value. It can come in various amounts. A grandmother may want to help the grandkids through college and then have additional retirement lifestyle. That may take a residual income of only $1,000 or $1,500 per month. Another person wants a continuing abundant lifestyle. He may want to enjoy travel now and into retirement. That would require as much as $20,000 to $30,000 per month of residual income. Sure, it’s possible. It’s a reality in network marketing for real entrepreneurs. Someone else may be looking for the chance to work at home and raise the children. I know that many single moms or dads enjoy that REAL value of a homebased business. It provides the convenience of raising the kids and still doing the work that you want to do. It eliminates the commute! That is a REAL value. Yes, significant money can be made so that a desired quality of life can be enjoyed. This homebased business of network marketing is free enterprise at its finest. It offers tremendous tax advantages. Tax experts can help you maximize the use of the tax code. There are substantial deductions and advantages for the properly run homebased business. However, the REAL value can only be maximized when the networker is making money. There is remarkable flexibility in an ongoing network marketing business. You can work the hours that you want to. If you are part time, you can work around another job. When you are full time, you have the chance to do things with the kids, grandkids, spouse, or friends that others can’t do. You can schedule vacations or weekend trips when you want to. It’s REAL value. This opportunity of network marketing means that you are your own boss. You can work independent of others and yet you are in your business, but certainly not by yourself. It’s a people business and there are as many connections as you want to have. There is powerful leverage in a homebased business of network marketing. This is leverage on the use of your time, as well as leverage on your financial resources. You can have a few or thousands of people working on your behalf, and yet, you have no employees. The leverage can produce the significant money that you may be seeking. The REAL Value Is the Opportunity You have read many of the benefits that networkers promote in order to bring people into network marketing. There are others. These are the benefits of the opportunity. For me, they are the REAL value. You can get rich. You can create wealth. You can experience freedom of time. You can teach others to do the same.

If you are of the “best networkers,” you teach your team partners how to make money and not just to share products or to buy books and tapes for personal development, or to spend money for training and conventions, or to just buy products.

So, if you are not yet a participant in network marketing, knowing that you must have great products to market in order to develop bonus checks, and knowing that you investigate and evaluate them in order to choose wisely, use the same discovery process of research, investigation, analysis, and evaluation with the REAL value – your ability to make money. Make certain that you can make money in the network marketing pay plan of your choice. Make certain that you join with one of the “best networkers” who will offer you that REAL value. Henry Ward Beecher said, “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.” As that applies to network marketing, it means that we not only offer the REAL value of network marketing to others, but we make sure to follow through and really assist ALL participants who work the busi
ness to really make money.

The best networkers will offer that REAL value because of their own true values.



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