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Elizabeth HarringtonWhat you think about you attract! Dear Fellow Zentrepreneurs, One of the key factors to achievement is to love the journey we’re on. What a gift it has been since I joined this industry 13 years ago, to understand and believe we can have our dreams act as the catalyst for delivering harmony and happiness. To really understand that the more I spend on learning, the more I’ll achieve the blissful state that Joseph Campbell always referred to in his now famous quote “find your bliss.” It has given me an opportunity to do what I want to do, be who I want to be, because nobody who feels the way I do can hide from such harmony and happiness. During the past 13 years, I have learned the Way of the Zentrepreneur.  NULL

While an entrepreneur creates a business, a Zentrepreneur creates a business and a life.

A Zentrepreneur is: someone who risks letting go of preconceived notions in order to deepen their knowledge of self-and beyond. Someone who endeavors to study and practice, to live a life where the creative spark, the inner illumination of spirit, talent, and uniqueness, is put into motion, fostering growth that not only enriches one’s own life but the lives of others as well. But more than that, a Zentrepreneur is someone who has made his or her own life noble and rich beyond counting by simply living a dream defined. ~~ Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold – Ministers of the Republic of Tea.

Last weekend I was at a Harmonic Wealth weekend in Chicago with James Ray, one of the stars of the mega blockbuster hit, “THE SECRET.” The success of The Secret demonstrates how for the first time the Law of Attraction principle has really entered and captured the imagination of mainstream consciousness. Pssst… if you’ve been hiding under a mushroom cap these past six months or more, or whiling away on top of a mountain with your spiritual guide and have never heard of The Secret, go to and watch it online or go to your nearest bookstore. You’ll be glad you did! At the very least you’ll understand this article better. As a student of the principles of the Law of Attraction for many years, I found out about The Secret DVD release very early in the game. I particularly enjoyed James Ray as he clearly had a grasp about the need for action to be built into the process of creating what you want. It has been thrilling to see the speed at which this information is sweeping across the globe. It was not very long ago that it was considered ‘woo woo’ and very new age.

I truly believe that an Awakening is happening today.

Harmonic Wealth is a philosophy that appeals to me.

As someone who studies and writes about the art of happiness and how to create what really matters in your life, it is clear to me that financial wealth is one of the key pillars to overall success. James Ray believes that to achieve real wealth, you must seek out harmony in five primary areas. They are: financial, relational, spiritual, intellectual, and physical. I am aware that some schools of thought use seven pillars but I find the five pillars easy to focus on to create a vision and goals around each pillar.

These five distinct areas of your life will determine your overall happiness and success…

Why work your life away to achieve success in one or two areas when creating true wealth is so easy to do?

I have always been very interested in human development and potential. I was 14 when my parents gave me Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Not sure whether I understood much of it at the time but that same year my parents gave me a ticket to hear Og Mandino and Zig Ziglar. I’ve been hooked on learning and an avid student ever since! We’ve heard for years the phrase “you are what you think about” and “your energy flows where your attention goes.” Add this one, “you always and only get what you love”. Ok what does that mean to you? We know that giving attention equals love. So ask yourself… how many times do you place your attention on or persistently dwell upon:

  • not having enough money to pay the bills
  • not being able to buy the expensive toys
  • send your kids to college
  • retire?
  • how small your income is
  • the high costs of everything-gas, food, travel, cars, etc.
  • no one wants to join me in my business
  • nobody wants to buy my products
  • it is too hard to make any money
  • you only make money if you get in the business at the beginning
  • keep saying “I can’t afford it”
  • keep saying “I’m too fat” (OK… OK… I snuck that one in…because it is so true!)

This is a very common cycle. How many people do you know in your lives who are struggling financially all the time? They are always broke? Maybe it’s you? Maybe it is someone close to you? Like your spouse? Or parent? They never seem to get a lucky break? I have a close friend Pauline, who always had a lot of drama in her life. We used to refer to her daily dramas as the “perils of Pauline”-just like the heroine tied to the train tracks in the early silent movies. Extremely talented and hardworking, she could never sustain great success for long. After a trajectory burst of success, every business, every investment, many relationships, every deal, every whatever she did would…guess what? Fall apart. Know anyone like her in your life? I could never understand what it was that made her life so difficult until that fateful day when she decided to join me in my networking business. Then I understood! She was a truly a Master of the Law of Attraction and a great early teacher of mine. Pauline did not understand the importance of what you think about, you attract. In other words, “you create your life, by your thoughts.

The Universe will bring you exactly what you think about the most.

She was always listing all the things that could go wrong long before she took any action. It was amazing to me to see how many of these misfortunes actually would take place. She was a powerful magnet-unfortunately for the wrong outcomes. Remember: The Universe will bring you exactly what you think about – the most. With her normal pattern of creating immediate success, she landed an amazing business partner, early into the business. This person became wildly excited about the benefits of cleansing and de-toxing. Outcome was she attracted a substantial number of entrepreneurs to her team. As a group they implemented creative ways of reaching out to the North American community. In their third month, they had close to $250,000.00 in volume. I was ecstatic. What do you think Pauline was feeling? I was horrified to hear the litany of complaints streaming from Pauline. Nothing was working out. She had “”nothing in common with them”, they were too enthusiastic, they did call her for help, they didn’t call her for help,” and on and on and on. All Pauline did was complain about how it came about too soon and get this one it was too easy! She believed if it was too easy then she would lose it! Well guess what happened? This group earned a fortune! The beauty of our business is that while Pauline may have felt it was too easy, I was able to support this group to achieve great success. I bought an amazing BMW convertible as a result of that particular streak of success and loved driving it every single moment. What happened to Pauline? She lost interest after a few months and told me she didn’t think she was suited to the industry. “Too many of her family and friends were skeptical about her new MLM business, and none of them wanted to buy from her, and it was too hard… so she couldn’t see herself doing it.” “Couldn’t see herself doing it” is exactly what she created – she didn’t do it.

The results you have today in your life are the direct outcomes of y
our past thoughts and feelings.

It is essential to accept full responsibility for your own life and let go of all those good excuses and stories. Did I say easy? No, I said essential! The first step is to look at your at your current state of harmony and fulfillment in your life.


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