“Crossbreeding” Can Promote Harmonious Business Relationships by Dana Gore

Dana GoreMy words of wisdom are to get to know those in your organization whether they are in your team or not. We are all people and have so much to share. According to MacMillan Dictionary, the word harmonious means “friendly and peaceful, harmonious colors or parts combine well with each other” or “harmonious music consists of notes that combine in a pleasant way.” Whether it be music, art or anything else for that matter, the general feeling behind harmony is working together to create a higher good or a satisfactory end result. Would the Bee Gees have sounded the way they did if it were only one person singing each line? Of course not! Each brother had a role to play and it was the combination of roles, notes and pitches that made their sound so unique.

One of the ideas behind the concept of Network Marketing is creating teams. Each member has a part to play for the good of the team as a whole and whenever each person does their small part, everyone benefits!


In a perfect world, every team member would participate at optimal levels and they would all live within close proximity to one another. In the real world, however, this isn’t always the case. I know my immediate team members have moved away and as thrilled as I am for their new venture and the fact that technology allows us to stay in contact as a working unit, I still felt as though a part of my “comfort zone” was no longer available. Since I am a believer that life’s events are in fact synchronized, I wasn’t overly surprised that I stumbled upon another group of people who although weren’t in my direct team, were willing and able to include me into their circle. Cross-breeding, as defined in ExpertGlossary.com, stands for “mating between members of different populations (lines, breeds, races or species).”

In business and the purpose of this article, I define cross-breeding as “members from different teams yet within the same organization working together for the good of all”.

At first, this notion seemed foreign to me. As much as I hate to admit it, I had believed that competition was the way the business world worked. Just look at the history of popular advertisements using comparisons and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. One cola vs. the other, fast food chain A vs. fast food chain B, two almost identical franchise hardware stores existing across the street from one another and the list goes on. So how can we transform a mindset of competition into one of cooperation? Let me share some examples.

Cross-breeding in network marketing enables the possibilities of new friendships, learning opportunities and even new customers and clients because many network marketers have other businesses!

Since my senior partners had moved away, this concept has allowed me to connect with other like-minded individuals who have been supportive, helpful and welcoming. Whether there are diverse aspects in the same company to major in or certain people attending events and having information available to share, the idea behind working together EVEN IF there is no direct financial benefit for anyone involved sends a message to prospective business partners and the general public that WORKING TOGETHER CREATES MIRACLES! I had recently caught a bug that was going around and I was out of the antioxidant I use to help me recover. One of my new friends provided me with what I needed from his own personal inventory until mine was to be delivered. Another new friend opened her spa on a day it is normally closed to coach me through a task I have needed some help with. One of the kindest women I have met this year came to a business meeting with me just to keep me company. In return, I spoke to one of her newest business partners to give them information on an aspect of our business I knew more about. Let me point out that NONE of the people I have just mentioned financially benefit from helping me and vice-versa.

We simply enjoy working together because we all understand the the magic behind being helpful is GRATITUDE! The energy that results from gratitude creates miracles!

Step back for a moment and remember the last weather related disaster to occur. Did you notice how the neighbors got together and shared food, water and company while rebuilding their homes and streets? Must it take a catastrophic event to wake us up to the notion of working together? I think not!

My words of wisdom are to get to know those in your organization whether they are in your team or not. We are all people and have so much to share. You never know what miracles these new relationships may bring!



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