Cultivating Trust In A Skeptical, Digital Social Environment by Rex Harris

Back when Facebook was a wee tadpole in the Web 2.0 pond it was a GOLD MINE!

One of my favorite features, in Groups, was the ability to message every member with one message.

Before people “knew better”, we made a lot of money spamming the pants off of those groups.

It didn’t take long, though, before people got sick of that and actions were taken to prevent it.

Eventually, Facebook removed that feature completely and justifiably so.

As Web 2.0 evolved. social media had embraced a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in regard to spam.

Granted, there were still means, methods, and a few tricks but as Facebook grew into the powerhouse it is today, they got wise to the shenanigans as their audience demanded a spam-free experience.

This forced marketers to evolve… connecting and communicating became the name of the game. This sounded the death knell for many who refused to conform.

In social media, today, relationships are the name of the game. There’s an art form to creating trust with people and they can smell a rat a mile away. Hackers, scammers, and schemers have caused the masses to act with uber caution to the point of paranoia.

The good news is that those who genuinely care to serve others can THRIVE in the modern social media environment. Even through digital media, intentions are apparent and TRUTH is mandatory!

Therefore, it’s important to implement the following into your social networking routine consistently…

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Rex Harris
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