Customer Appreciation – Why It Matters By Pattie Craumer

“While it might seem that customer appreciation is a straightforward part of a customer journey, it takes on its own unique dimension in the world of network marketing.

And, because network marketing is a business model unlike any other, its approach to customers reflects this.

Let me share with you why.

Personal Connections: Network marketing relies heavily on personal relationships and connections. In a way, it’s all about this. Representatives build one-on-one relationships with customers, which opens the door to very personalized and intimate forms of appreciation. Other businesses certainly take care of their customers but typically through a paid sales force.

Loyalty and Advocacy: A key piece in a network marketer’s toolkit is having loyal customers, not only for repeat business but also for word-of-mouth referrals. Visible and consistent ways to express to customers how much you care layers already great products with service to go with it. A customer who feels like they matter, and not just
for numbers, will be a loyal customer for the long term. And when a customer feels good, they share with others.

Community Building: Network marketing often involves creating a sense of community, among customers and representatives. This is one of the things network marketing business owners love most about what they do – creating a place for people to gather, a place with common ground where everyone can talk about successes and share stories.

Feedback: In network marketing, feedback from customers can play a pivotal role in shaping the business. Customer appreciation includes being seen and heard, and being able to actively express their thoughts on how to improve products or services and even impact future customers’ experiences. impact on product development nor take on such a personal flavor.

Recognition and Acknowledgment: Recognizing and acknowledging the efforts of individual representatives and their achievements is a crucial aspect of customer appreciation in network marketing. This part of celebrating ‘wins’ and honoring milestones is a lovely part of a network marketer’s business. It goes both ways, in rewarding and supporting the representatives as well as the customers themselves, such as when a customer achieves a weight loss goal or when a representative makes a new rank in the compensation plan.

Education and Support: In network marketing, ongoing education is another key to customer appreciation and loyalty. Consider an essential oil company for example, that takes customers on foreign adventures to see where their oils are cultivated and who is growing them. That type of unique education connects feelings and memories to the products and loyalty that likely will last a lifetime. What other business models do that?

Long-Term Relationships: Friendships are created between network marketing representatives and their customers. They may go to each other’s homes and meet their children. They may meet for lunch and share life stories while products are exchanged. This sort of experience creates indelible bonds that are hard to replicate outside of the network marketing world.

In the end, no business succeeds without happy and satisfied customers. And in network marketing focusing on how to appreciate customers in simple, sincere, and creative ways will take your business to a whole new level.

Happy customers evolve from passionate and happy representatives. In a world where personal attention and care seem exceedingly rare, network marketing may be the best way to connect with people about products and services…

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