Customer & Partner Loyalty and Retention


What you do to retain your customers and team members are vital to the success of your business. You will want to become a person that others want to follow.  This is key to retention and loyalty. It’s all about those you serve and how they perceive how they are treated and respected.


People like to be nurtured. They like to know that they matter and are appreciated. Developing a habit of nurturing your relationships, create an environment where people love to be in your presence, and look forward to being around you. People are delighted to have a relationship with you and are anxious to stay with you and recommend you and your business.


There are many ways to be able to develop loyalty and retention.


Follow up – Yes, follow up. After you meet. After you make a sale. After a person joins your team. For their birthday. After an accomplishment that you can recognize them for.


Have a customer relationship /retention platform – There are many tools to make this easy to employ and automate. Find one that is easy to use. We use a tool from a company, Banner Season. (

Here are some ideas to cultivate loyalty:

Send a birthday Card

Send a company mug when a team member moves up a rank 

Send a card to your chicken list (you know what that is!)

Send postcards as a follow-up or for prospecting.

The more you engage, the more they will also.  Make the investment in nurturing, you will be glad you did. 


Tomorrow we will explore the topic of Duplication & Leadership.

Here’s to your continued success,







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