Customer Care Calls – Preparation ins the Key! by Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA)

Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA)Set a goal to make 2 customer service calls a day and watch your business explode! Personalized customer service sets you apart from all the others and leads to long-term, profitable relationships with your customers. Set a goal to make 2 customer service calls a day and watch your business explode! Here are just a few reasons to call your previous customers and hostess. Start making those calls today!

  • To assure satisfaction with their product or service
  • To introduce a new item from your line
  • To introduce a new company program or special
  • To generate reorders
  • To generate bookings
  • To explore sponsoring possibilities
  • To ask for referrals
  • To invite customers to a local event

Phone Tips NULL

  • Put yourself in a positive frame of mind before you make the call so you can transfer your enthusiasm to them.
  • The first fifteen seconds set the tone for your entire call. Your most effective introduction is one with professionalism and enthusiasm!
  • Start off right. “Is this a good time for you?” or “Have I caught you at a good time?” will show respect for her time and privacy.
  • Have a purpose for your call (see the list above for ideas) and communicate it right away.
  • Everyone wants to feel special, so always personalize your call with a compliment or a warm comment.
  • Be enthusiastic and confident! You’re offering an exciting opportunity to be a hostess or a Consultant and it’s only fair that she has a chance to hear about it!
  • Have a bulleted script in front of you to keep you on track during the call but be sure to not read it verbatim. The more calls you make, the more comfortable you will feel and the more natural you will come across.
  • Never hang up without following up on your intention. People respect and want to do business with those who are purposeful and professional.



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