Customer Service, THE Age Old Secret to a Thriving Business! by RS Mallory

RSMalloryNext time you find yourself speaking with a customer or family member, be sure to remember that everyone responds to how you make them FEEL!  Customer Service is the way that we treat and revere potential, current and future business partners and customers. It is perhaps the OLDEST secret to mercantile business dating all the way back to beyond the Pharaohs. Imagine, if you will, how history itself would have changed if Pharaoh treated his workers fairly, with respect, dignity and a fair wage! Customer Service has roots in The Bible (Old or New Testament) where we are commanded to treat others as we would treat ourselves. Throughout the ages Customer Service has evolved as we have grown as a (human) species. Think back to Clan of the Cave Bear where the heroine (Ayla) became a student of early medicinal arts, studying with the tribal medicine lady. NULL

She (Ayla) was a lost soul from a different tribe and not trusted and much maligned. Her mentor and teacher (old medicine lady) taught her the fine art of customer service, albeit wrapped in different jargon. She was taught how to observe, listen and use what she learned to create relationship with the tribesmen and women.

She studied with excellence as her goal and with a desire to embrace the tribes people with compassion and a desire to give them MORE than the service they required. She set herself above the rest by doing so and gained the respect and admiration of the tribe.

We can observe this type of behavior throughout history, whether it is the pre revolutionary war era, Victorian Era, The Industrial Revolutionary era, WWII era up to the modern day. In the 1920’s through 1940’s mens suits were made by some tailors with TWO (2) sets of pants for the same price. Excellent value that although not necessary, allowed the tailor to stand out in a crowded field. He gave value, excellence AND knew how to build a relationship with his customers and suppliers in order to perpetuate future business, revenue and sustain success. I grew up in the 1950’s; a time when Morris the Milkman became an extended family member. Morris delivered milk to our home and always gave Mom a heads up on any sales or “specials” including new products. Our milkbox (do you remember the silver insulated box with red script writing by your front, side or back door filled with BOTTLES of milk with foil caps?) was often filled with special (extra) taste treats whether it be a new type of churned butter, special eggs, a cottage or farmers cheese, even extra cream for us kids!)

Morris knew the secret… taking the time to know each of his customers and business partners, becoming a valued resource for them and extending them his special knowledge with the intent of making them each feel special.

Boy, I sure felt special when I caught Morris giving me a wink and a nod to symbolize that he’d left a little container of cream for me (at no charge). Shrewd businessman or the Exemplar of customer service? Morris’ value and caring keeps his memory alive 50 years later along with a yearning for that special type of treatment from modern day vendors that is all but disappearing! Smart Direct Sales and Networkers (who have been around since the days of the flood!) all know the secrets that Morris the Milkman, The Tailors of yore, even Ayla The Cave Girl;

Giving MORE than fair value, creating a feeling within a customer and business base that perpetuates a sense of security and a treatment of those folks that insured their loyalty because of the value both perceived and given. In a word: Relationship!

When people FEEL that we care about them, TREAT them in a caring manner and CONTINUE to cherish their business, when people FEEL that they are getting more than fair value and that we are willing to be a problem or situation solver, they reward you with loyalty and often with referrals! Loyalty and referrals will strengthen any business as long as the perceived value continues. Throughout the ages Customer Service has evolved as we have grown as a (human) species. We are NO different than any other species in that we RESPOND positively to kindness, value, compassion and knowing that we are appreciated! Next time you find yourself speaking with a client/customer/vendor or family member, be sure to remember that everyone responds to how you make them FEEL! The way you make them feel determines their desire to continue to be in relationship with you, or not. RS Mallory Compassionate Marketing Copyright ©2011 RS Mallory/Compassionate Marketing


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