Darren’s genius question by Kyle Wilson

Darren’s genius question

Starting today, what 3 things would have to happen to make the next 12 months the best year of your life?

Wow, what an amazing question!

I have to admit I did not totally get the subtle genius behind this simple question. Maybe in part because the casualness and the familiarity of how and who delivered it.

This happened a few years back while having dinner with my long-time friend, Darren Hardy (former publisher of SUCCESS Magazine).
I met Darren in 1994 and we have worked and collaborated together many times over the years. I first introduced Darren to one of his major mentors, my 18 year friend, mentor and partner, Jim Rohn. Darren graciously spoke in 2016 at the 20 year anniversary of the Brian Tracy Success Mastery Academy 3 Day Event I put on here in Dallas. I also coached Darren for a few years after I sold Jim Rohn International in late 2007. In fact, Darren just agreed to be a guest on my upcoming new podcast launching December 12th (his first ‘yes’ in three years to an outside podcast request).

But much more than working and collaborating together, we are great friends and pretty much go there on any subject.

So when he asked me this simple, direct question, I have to admit I was a bit stuck.

My best year ever? What 3 things?

Then he said, once you know what they are list out what you have to do and/or become to make each one happen (the activities, habits, skills, beliefs, disciplines, etc.).

I know goals, I’ve done goals and, of course, Jim Rohn was the master at teaching goal setting, but this nuance of simplicity mixed with focus and intention forced me to get even more clear.

We moved on from the question to the next topic. But the question stayed with me for a least a month and then one morning I woke up and it was right there – front and center. What are the 3 things? And what must I do and become to achieve them? I must have journaled at least an hour as I filtered through all the scenarios.

And as I write this today, I can tell you since Darren’s question, I have witnessed a dramatic shift and results related to that one simple question and my 3 goals.

I truly believe these next 12 months will make this my best year ever.

My encouragement to you today is to ask yourself and then answer:

What 3 things would have to happen over the next year to have my best year ever?

Next, what habits, skills, disciplines, relationships and/or activities must I engage in to ensure I’m walking towards these 3 things being a reality?
Get your journal out. Give yourself some time to dig deep.

And once you have gotten really clear on your 3 areas and the needed steps, then make sure and review often.

Kyle Wilson
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