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David SchmidtOn a mission to improve the quality of life… and he’s doing that with LIGHT! Hello everyone, this is George Madiou, the Founder and CEO of TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com. I’m here today with one of the great entrepreneur’s in business today, especially in the network marketing industry, David Schmidt, the inventor of the LifeWave Technology and founder of LifeWave. Welcome Dave, and how are you? David: Thank you George, I really appreciate this opportunity! George: You and I have something in common. As the corporate sponsor for Business4Vets.org, we’re proud to team up with LifeWave as a Business Partner in helping our military veterans, combating the high unemployment and underemployment through business ownership. How do you view this partnership? And where do you see it going down the road? NULL

David: That is a great question George. I really appreciate you asking me that because my background, going back many years now, has been in the design of equipment for the United States Navy through government contractors. I did that for many years, designing emergency equipment for submarines, such things as power supplies for rescue radios, emergency oxygen supplies for submarines, so I had quite a few years where I was able and fortunate to be working on these projects and a number of my business partners were retired veterans from either the navy, air force or the army.

I really have a great appreciation for our veterans and for our armed services, so to be involved in a project like this is extremely rewarding. Also, as part of our LifeWave history, we have supplied our products to troops on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’ve had some wonderful experience.

Now, regarding vets, I think this is where it’s gotten particularly rewarding because as you know the U.S. Army Surgeon’s General has said that we are spending about 100 billion dollars a year just on pain medication for troops on active duty and for our veterans. This is really an intolerable situation and right now the U.S. Army Surgeon General has a task force to look for alternatives to these habit forming pharmaceutical drugs. LifeWave, of course, our fit is that we’ve been extraordinarily successful at developing a product specifically for relieving pain without drugs. And it’s so effective that we get over 50% pain relief within about two to three minutes of use. This is backed by over 50 clinical studies and we even have Suzanne Sommers as the spokesperson for our company, who goes out and helps up to promote this. I see all of this as a wonderful opportunity to, one – most importantly and as part of our mission statement, improve the quality of life for our vets by helping them to relieve pain, improve their quality of sleep and even show them a way they can get anti-aging effects and also two – give them a business opportunity to help them tap into what we offer at LifeWave which has now become, after seven years, a global opportunity where we distribute and market our products in over 100 countries. So I see this as a phenomenal relationship and opportunity for everyone. George: I heard you say that you have been using your patches in different branches of the military. Is that correct? David: Yes, a part of our history as a company, and because I came out of designing products for government contractors, was that I really wanted to be able to take this product and go into the armed services with it and be able to help our troops. This is a very, very difficult task. Anyone who has tried to market to the government knows the challenges involved. So we took on our staff a retired 3 star general and we began to market out to the U.S. Army and we did very well with it. We got our products into the hands of both veterans and troops on active duty. As a matter of fact, if you go onto our website you’ll see some phenomenal testimonials that we have from our vets; one of them, his name is Don Collins, is a veteran of Vietnam. He stepped on a land mine while in Vietnam and over the course of 40 years he had to go through 50 surgeries which still left him addicted to drugs and in terrible pain. LifeWave was the first product that came along to relieve his pain, giving him drug free relief.

We are really excited about this project because as I said, number one – our mission statement is to first improve quality of life. And number two, we offer a business opportunity for people to build either a part time or full time income as a result of having access to this new product.

George: That’s the reason why Business4Vets is a good partnership for LifeWave because the whole vision of Business4Vets is to overcome this high unemployment and underemployment of our military veterans, so this is extremely synergistic for both of our missions. So now I’ve got to ask you, what is LifeWave Technology? David: This is a perfect question because people are probably thinking, ‘If it’s not a drug it’s got to be a vitamin or some kind of supplement.’, but it isn’t.

LifeWave is about LIGHT. What I mean by that is this is a technology that uses light to relieve pain.

Now think about this… we go out into the sun and the light causes our bodies to make vitamin D. We go out into the sun and light gives us a tan. Scientists have a name for this and it’s very big and long and it’s called photobiomodulation. This is something that has been investigated by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), by a scientist in the Navy, Dr. Wheeland, and it was discovered that very, very specific wavelengths of light could trigger specific reactions within the body. DARPA’s interest in this is that troops were being injured by laser light and it was discovered that the injury could be repaired by the same wavelength of laser light if the power was turned down very, very low. This is a principle in science called photorepair. Dr. Wheeland investigated this and was finding other uses for the technology. What I’ve done is create a small device that will emit light but it is powered by body heat. So, instead of having to be around electronics that are battery powered, these light wave devices contain crystals that emit very specific wavelengths of light that can trigger reactions in the body, the same way that the sun causes your body to make vitamin D. So let’s say someone is in terrible pain – instead of taking a drug that’s only going to mask the pain, now you can use LifeWave Technology and within two to three minutes experience 50% or better pain relief. Unlike a drug or vitamin that can take 20 or 30 minutes to take effect, our products start to work immediately, they’re drug free, they’re not habit forming and they’re backed by over 50 clinical studies. George: Wow! Now let me ask you… you’ve got a number of different patches, some for pain, some for sleep, some for energy, but how exactly do you use the patches to make them work? David: Using them is extremely simple. Even though the technology is complicated and a bit difficult to understand, if you can use a band aid, you can use a patch and you can use our technology. So all you have to do to take of advantage of this, if you have an area of pain you take one of these out of their package, you peel the backing off and stick it on your body where the pain is and the pain starts to go away. It’s that simple to use.

You don’t have to be a scientist to use these and all instructions are included but it’s literally no more complicated than peeling the backing off like a band aid and putting it on your skin.

George: I have to admit that I’m a believer. I’ve started to use your product and so has my wife who was in a car accident years ago and suffered for 18 years. When I introduced her to the pain patch she was just blown away; not just that it gave her re
lief over a long period of time but that it happened instantly. What I like is that I don’t have to think about it. I don’t have to be a scientist or anything else. It’s as simple as you said, if I can put on a band aid I can put on a patch. Is there any scientific evidence that backs up the claims about your product? David: Yes, absolutely! One of the things that we’re really proud of is that over the last nine years we have completed over 50 clinical studies that support the science behind our products. Anyone that would like to see those can go to the research section of our website. There’s an icon at the bottom of the home page or you can simply click on the products menu and you will see the research tab there. You will see the clinical studies that we’ve done. Many of them have been published in peer review. These clinical studies cover all of our products. We’ve done different types of bio-electrical stuff, we’ve done blood, urine, saliva tests on our pain relief product, we’ve used a device called an accuscope which is used in the industry to measure pain relief effects and tissue conductivity. We have many scientists around the world, at universities and hospitals, that study our products and do clinical research and we do great with these. We get statistical significance that show, in fact, that our products do work. George: David, I congratulate you on your website because it’s a one-stop education on this technology and it’s extremely compelling. You back it up with studies. I come across a lot of companies and products and yours stands out amongst all of them. So let me ask you this… LifeWave, when I’m looking through your website, seems to focus on anti-aging as well. What kind of benefits do your products offer compared to vitamins or other anti-aging products? David: Actually George, our number one selling product is called Aeon. Aeon has an extraordinarily powerful anti-aging effect. In fact, there is no other product in the world that can provide people with the benefits that this product does. You know, vitamins are great because they help round out your diet. Unfortunately, today our food supply has been over-processed and devoid of nutrition and we need to take supplements to help get the missing nutrients that we don’t get in our diet. But also unfortunately, when we take a vitamin, like let’s say Vitamin C, that vitamin goes into and out of our body very quickly, within thirty minutes to an hour. Now, if we want to get anti-aging effects, we want to have protection against harmful toxins in the environment and free radical damage and we want to have protection all day. This is where LifeWave Technology really shines because you take our products, put them on the body, and wear them all day. So that’s one of the benefits. Number two benefit is that Aeon, our newest anti-aging product really goes after the cause of aging. What I mean by that is that scientists around the world agree that the cause of aging is stress.

This could be a physical stress, or emotional stress, but stress that’s on the nervous system creates a very specific series of biochemical reactions that damage our tissues, our cells, even our DNA. What’s revolutionary about the Aeon product is that it can reduce the effects that stress has on your body and promote anti-aging in some very dramatic ways.

So, when someone uses Aeon, because they have less stress it’s going to make them feel better, they will have more energy and if you use the product for 90 days you can see up to a 300% improvement in your skin quality. Meaning, reduction in wrinkles, improvement in pigmentation and an improvement in hydration. So, this is a new approach to anti-aging and it’s moving very quickly in the 100 countries we distribute to and has become our top selling product. George: That’s great! Here’s another issue, over 70 million Americans have problems sleeping. Does LifeWave have a solution for this? David: We do, as a matter of fact, we know that sleeping problems are caused by an imbalance in a few of the hormones that regulate sleep, namely serotonin and melatonin. We work with a very prominent medical doctor in the area of sleep, his name is Dr. Norm Sheely, and he’s even considered to be the father of pain management here in the United States. We’ve done a number of clinical studies that have to do with sleep and we developed a product for specifically improving the quality of sleep. Like all of our other products, George, you take this and apply the patch to the forehead, to the temple, or any number of different locations around the head and within minutes it starts to work. This does not work like a drug. In other words, it’s not going to make you feel drowsy, you’re not going to wake up in the morning feeling exhausted. This product promotes a very natural state you have to have to go to sleep. Our clinical studies show that over 80% of the people that use our products for the very first time have a dramatic improvement in the quality of their sleep. Again, for more information people can go visit our website to read about that. George: Earlier you mentioned the actress Suzanne Somers. How did you meet her and how did she become your spokesperson and involved with LifeWave? David: We met Suzanne through a business associate. At that time we were looking for a number of different ways that we could expand our advertising and promotion. I had a business friend who had contact with Suzanne and as you can imagine, what we did was we didn’t get a meeting with Suzanne right away so we sent her our product and literature and we were pleasantly surprised when three weeks later we got a call from her assistant saying Suzanne would like to meet with us. So myself, a medical doctor on our staff and the president of our company, Mike Collins went to meet with Suzanne, her husband who runs her business affairs and the president of her company and we sat down at the table with Suzanne and she said, “Let me tell you what LifeWave did for me.”

“I am still as passionate today about exercise as I have been my entire life. I lift weights and I decided to put your energy patches to the test so I picked a weight I could only lift five or six times. After I put your patches on I got to 30 repetitions and decided to stop. I then went ahead and tested your sleep patch and I had the best nights sleep I had in years.”

She was certainly convinced, from her own personal use of the products, that they worked and she wanted to learn more. That first meeting lasted over four hours and we’ve been friends ever since. George: Great! David, there are many athletes, from diverse sports, that are endorsing LifeWave. What are they seeing in training and in competition using your products? David: When we got started, George, we had all types of athletes that were looking at our very first product in 2004. We had one product and that was an energy enhancer. So we had body builders, personal trainers, football players, soccer players, gymnasts, Olympic swimmers, and college level swimmers that were using the products and we were getting some remarkable testimonials. For example, back in 2004 we were working with United States Olympic Coach Richard Quick, who is a six time Olympic Coach. We were applying patches to the Stanford Women’s Swim Team. These women were preparing for the Olympics that year and Coach Quick had put the patches on eight of his athletes as a test. He called me back about two or three weeks later, after they had a chance to evaluate our product. Coach said, “David, let me tell you what happened. Over a period of three weeks, six of my eight swimmers broke their personal lifetime best score in their event when using your energy patches.” We had another phenomenal success that year and that was with Olympic gymnast Courtney Kupets. Courtney was entering the Olympics in 2004 and unfortunately she suffered a fractured hip in training and didn’t think she was going
to be a part of the U.S. Olympic Team. Her father had heard about LifeWave and asked her about it and she started to use the energy patches. As a result she was able to compete in the Olympics and walked away with a bronze medal in her event and the U.S. Olympics Girls Gymnastics walked away with a silver medal so she also got a silver medal. We’ve had great results and stories with athletes over the years and that is just a few of them. George: You know David, it’s just amazing, the stories that I hear from you and that I glean from your website. How long have you been in business? David: George, I started the company back in 2002 and took about two years to figure out how we were going to manufacture this technology in large volume. We took some time to do a few clinical studies to support the product. And of course we also had to figure out how we were going to market this.

I felt very strongly that if the products were going to sit on a retail shelf, that people really wouldn’t understand what the technology was or how to use the products so instead we found that just a face to face business model was working best; when you can talk to someone, explain what the product is and that they work immediately, when you can provide samples, that turned out to be an extraordinarily successful way of marketing so for the past three years in a row now we’ve made it to INC magazine’s list of fastest growing companies.

George: That’s terrific. David, there is a lot in the news today about the negative effects of pollution on our health. Can any of the patches, any of your products, help to protect our bodies from pollution? David: George, you are absolutely correct. There is more mercury today in the air than ever before. I was watching a nutritionist on PBS speak about a year ago, her name was Brenda Watson and she was lecturing on this very subject. As it turns out, universities and scientists around the world have studied this problem and do you know that, one, if you were to take blood, and urine samples from 100 people today all 100 people would have some type of foreign chemical in their body. Two, the average number of foreign toxins in the body are 97. That means all of us are walking around with heavy metals, such as mercury, arsenic. aluminum, and many of us have toxic pesticides and herbicides like DDT, as well as radiation such as strontium 90, stored in our body. These toxins attack our cells and cause damage. Of course, it’s very well known that these toxic chemicals can cause cancer. So if we want to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of the toxins in the air that we breathe and the water that we drink, we’ve got to keep our antioxidant levels elevated. Certainly having a proper diet, drinking lots of clean water, exercise, and supplementing can support all of that. We offer a product called Glutathione. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant. It was actually discovered back in the 1960’s that Glutathione is the antioxidant that protected your body from what is called chemical carcinogenesis; meaning it helps to protect your body from these toxins that can damage cells. So, if someone was interested in detoxification and protecting their body from foreign chemicals I would certainly encourage them to use Glutathione. George: Well, David, what’s amazing to me about your product is the fact, as you’ve mentioned, there is no transfer of chemicals into your body using your patches. So many people have so many issues and your products are so unique, in the network marketing industry and the world at large. I’m absolutely thrilled that we have the ability to team with you as a business partner with our Business4Vets.org project. I’m excited to hear the testimonies that we’re going to be able to produce from that. Is there anything you would like to leave us with? Any parting last words? David: Yeah George, you know I say that everything we do at LifeWave is about quality of life, and that’s job number one. While we do offer a business opportunity and we do offer a new technology and we have a phenomenal line of products, our mission statement and our purpose is to improve quality of life around the world. That’s why we partner with American Red Cross, that’s why we made donations to the Bush Fire victims in Australia and the earthquake victims in Italy. We have an ongoing mission now, thanks to our member Thomas Burke, over in Haiti where we are about to train doctors and nurses at 27 different hospitals and clinics.

So our company, our mission, and our purpose in this world is to first improve quality of life with our technology. All of the other success in our life will follow.

I guess what I would say is that if someone is interested in using our technology to help improve the quality of life of others, then they’ve found their home, they’ve found the right place. As a business opportunity we’ve had some phenomenal success over the years and we’d be happy to welcome Business4Vets into our LifeWave home in this partnership and spread our technology and message. So thank you George, we really appreciate the opportunity. George: We appreciate teaming up with you. Again… I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. You are a phenomenal individual and I’m honored to know you. David: Same here, thank you George, thanks so much for your time.


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