December 2022

Issue #206

Lisa Wilber

We are excited to have on our cover this month, our great friend and industry leader, Lisa Wilber.

Lisa is a World Leader and one of the most successful all-time team leaders whom we recognize, this month, for our 17th annual women’s issue.

Always the teacher, Lisa, with her co-author Jeff West created a wonderful book for anyone who is searching for success!

Said the Lady with the Blue Hair: 7 Rules for Success in Direct Sales Wrapped in a Wonderful Lesson for Life

Kai Frazier is a mother raising her ten year-old daughter, Michaela… alone. Happily married for over ten years, never dreaming she would have to build a new life for the two of them – she now faces difficult and unwanted decisions.

On a beach in Hawaii, she encounters Belle, the lady with the blue hair – a most unusual woman. A friendship develops between the two and Kai’s new mentor guides her as she embarks on her journey into the future.

The characters are lovable, realistic and entertaining. The fiction is at times poignant… at times humorous… and always engaging. And the message contained in Said the Lady with the Blue Hair will help anyone become more successful in their business, career and life.

December 2022 Feature: Team Building Our 17th Annual Women's Issue!

Team building and our annual women’s issue, go hand in hand.

The special person that we have chosen for this special edition is the wonderful Lisa Wilber! For years, Lisa Has built powerful teams (of women & a bunch of men) as one of the most successful distributors in Avon!

As a great leader, teacher, coach, and mentor, Lisa has helped thousands of leaders around the world. 

Lisa has become one of our great World Leaders, a program shining a positive light on our profession and dedicated to increasing the success of those who are willing to learn and apply the success principles for their victory in their business.

To learn more about the World Leader Program contact us at

Enjoy this month’s issue! George Madiou Founder & CEO


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