November 2022

Issue #205

We are excited to have on our cover this month, our great friend and co-worker Rex Harris.

The reason Rex makes the perfect choice to be on this month’s cover is, as one of our World Leaders he epitomizes our theme for this month, Exceptional Support!

Most of our contributors this month have shared the importance of delighting both, customers and their team members. Rex is one of those extraordinary members of our profession who does an outstanding job of both!

Rex supports both his customers and his team in such an incredible way, each and every day. This is the reason he is such a great and loved leader.

Debbie and I are exceptionally pleased to have Rex on this month’s cover because he is a very important team member on the corporate side. Here at The Network Marketing Magazine, Rex is our go-to expert for our graphic design projects. He also creates some of our great social media training programs. And many of you recognize Rex as an incredible supporter, encouraging our members with his posts on social media.

Rex, thank you for being the picture of EXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT to Debbie and me and all of our worldwide TNMM members!

George & Debbie Madiou

November 2022 Feature: Creating Customer and Partner Delight!

Do our customers need to do business with us? Do they have choices? Who are we anyway? 

What about the people we work with? Do they look forward to collaborating with us? 

If we had to buy from us, or if we had to work with us, would we? It seems like a silly question but think about it. It seems like an interesting question to consider. 

This is the purpose of the November 2022 issue this month. Putting the advice from our contributors this month, to work for the next 12 months (YES! for the next year.) Then put the results in a daily journal of results you get, when you pay attention to the day’s accomplishments.

Let’s carry on this discussion in the last article in this month’s issue (my column below!)

Enjoy this month’s issue! George Madiou Founder & CEO


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