Designing Network Marketing To Win By George Madiou

How would you like to be a part of the Team Effecting Change In Network Marketing Worldwide?

I’m asking this question to special leaders and influencers in our profession who believe that network marketing can be one of the best opportunities if it is done correctly. Leaders who believe that this is a real business and not a get-rich-quick scheme.

There are too many people who enter this great industry and leave in 60 or 90 days. Too many stay and only earn a “hobby” income. We have realized there are 27% of the industry that are willing to stick it out and put in the time. These people are willing to learn the skillsets and acquire the knowledge that has been taught by the successful proven leaders who teach others the proven wisdom of the ages. We at The Network Marketing Magazine are not satisfied, having this group of 27%ers join the ranks of the 97% that don’t make significant money at best and fail at worst.

In the last 16 years, we have been blessed to become more than a magazine, we have also become the premier network marketing training resource, teaming up with the best of the best.

We have met and collaborated with the best that this profession has to offer, and will continue to do so using cutting edge technology, and expert teachers and trainers of every success principle necessary for financial success. We are looking to effect change among the 27% of the networkers that are willing to do what it takes to be financially successful.

We are looking to partner up with a consequential number of worldwide leaders. These leaders will join us in helping to bring our profession to a higher level of success.

We are looking to create a Team Effecting Change In Network Marketing Worldwide.

This goal is bigger than any one person or organization. With a significant number of world leaders working together, we will be able to make a meaningful and noteworthy change in our great profession. We are asking leaders to join this effort and recommend others that we might not know but who are of like mind. With this team, our target is to affect 1 million networkers (27%ers) worldwide in 36 months, getting them on a path to personal financial success.

What if we had it in our power to re-design network marketing into more of a profession that has 10 times the people succeeding.

I’m not talking about the entire industry. I’m talking about the 27% of the industry who are willing to learn the wisdom of the ages from the masters and put into action what they have been taught. Then turn around and work with those in their group that are willing to apply what is being taught. I’m not talking about learning from the entertainers in our profession. Or the people who read about training but never put into action what they have guessed what might work. But people who actually have coached their people on a proven journey of success.

We are putting together a team of professionals that want to MOVE OUR INDUSTRY!

These professionals are trainers, leaders, experienced people that guide their people (the 27%ers) to financial success. These are leaders that are successful people all over the world. We are excited to use our platform, here at The Network Marketing Magazine to take a lead role in this exciting project. If you want to join this effort, join us. If you’re not a member of The Network Marketing Magazine already, become a member!

What’s the next step? Contact us at [email protected] or call me direct at 561-654-5974

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