Develop your Roots By Cody Wasial

Cody Wasial

Developing your soul and your business reminds me of developing Film negatives in many ways.

Looking back at my college days and remembering there was a process, there was patience, and there was a beauty to how it all comes together with the right ingredients.

1> Both require a certain amount of patience and time. Just as it takes time for a film negative to develop in the chemical process, it takes time and effort to develop your soul and your business. There are no shortcuts, and the process can be slow, but the end result is worth it.

2> Both involve working with raw materials. In the film process, the negative is the raw material that needs to be developed into a final print. Similarly, in developing your soul and your business, you are working with raw materials like your personal values, skills, and experiences. You must refine and develop these raw materials to create something meaningful.

3> Both require a certain amount of skill and expertise. Just as a photographer must have a certain level of skill and expertise to develop a film negative properly, you must also have a level of skill and expertise in developing your soul and your business. This can come through education, training, and experience 

4> Both can lead to beautiful and meaningful results. When a film negative is developed properly, it can lead to a beautiful and meaningful photograph. Similarly, when you develop a distributor properly, you can help them build a successful business and achieve financial freedom. This can lead to a meaningful and fulfilling career and life…

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Cody Wasial
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