Developing Skills in My World By Molly Stone-Bibb

Developing skills in my business may be different than a lot of others in network marketing.

Unlike most in this industry, I joined a company almost 20 years ago and focused on it completely.  
There were no other companies for me in this time frame, as I was determined to be the one of the best as a representative and a leader in a company I completely believed in.

First, In order to gain that respect, I had to develop knowledge and know what products I believe in and show others how to do the same.

Second, My focus with my customers and my team has to be communicative, but with a big splash of relationship-building.

I needed them to know, I cared about them beyond the business, beyond putting money in my pocket.
I got good at walking life with them and watching them grow and confide in me and celebrate their wins in all aspects of life and business.

The reward for me is priceless when so many find the wins and the struggles so relatable in our journey together.

I believe it’s important to participate in training within the company and outside the company to fine tune my leadership skills when possible.

I read relevant books, and stay updated on industry trends to enhance my knowledge.

The most rewarding part…

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