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paul morrisThe exciting part of Network Marketing is that you CAN get started with no skills. I walked into the local AAA office to get a road map the other day and taped on the door was a sign that read “Experienced Travel Agent needed must have a minimum of 5 years experience.” The sign could just as easily read SKILLED Travel Agent needed as that is what they were looking for… someone who was skilled at booking travel. There are so many ads in the newspaper all specifying that only SKILLED (or experienced) people need apply, it makes me wonder how anyone ever gets started in that profession in the first place. An ad for Network Marketers could very easily read “earn $10,000 a month in your spare time NO SKILLS NEEDED”. And that is the beautiful part of Network Marketing… NO SKILLS are needed. Well no skills are needed to GET STARTED, but, to earn the big dollars one will have to develop a few basic and simple skills. NULL

The exciting part of Network Marketing is that you CAN get started with no skills.

It is sort of like the trades where in plumbing for example you can start out with no experience as an apprentice. You actually get “on the job training” from an experienced plumber, (most likely a “Master” plumber), who TEACHES you as you assist him (or her). Once you gain some SKILLS through on the job experience you become a “journeyman” plumber. After working closely with a Master plumber for a while you sharpen your skills until you qualify to become a MASTER plumber. Network Marketing works much the same way. You can get started with NO EXPERIENCE or with NO SKILLS other than a DESIRE to learn, and build an empire all from on the job training. But make no mistake, the skills will have to be learned if you want to earn the big dollars. “To EARN more, you must LEARN more.”

So learning will become one of the first skills you will need to develop.

Learning skills include learning to listen to your mentors, (your sponsor and upline), also to be coachable and teachable. Fortunately in Network Marketing you can EARN while you LEARN. One of the best ways to learn is to read books. “Leaders are Reader, and Readers become Leaders.” Therefore READING SKILLS become very important in learning the skills required for building a large successful business. If you are a poor reader there are many speed reading courses that not only help you read faster but also to retain more information. Since Network Marketing is a people business it is important to begin immediately to develop your PEOPLE SKILLS. There are several books that will help you develop your people skills. One great book is; “How to win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Another great book is; “How to Develop Power and Confidence with People” by Les Giblin.

In addition to reading another great way to learn is to OBSERVE the actions, manner and words of your sponsor and upline as you observe them helping you build your business.

Video tape meetings they do, tape record a three-way phone call they do for you and then watch and listen so that you can MODEL what they do. Remembering people’s names can be a big plus in building your business, so consider taking a course on how to improve your MEMORY SKILLS so you can remember people’s names. There are numerous books and courses on memory improvement at any bookstore or on In the age of the Internet you may be able to build a large business ONLINE and not really need to have SPEAKING SKILLS but if you want to become one of the giants in the Industry you should plan on developing your SPEAKING SKILLS. A local Dale Carnegie course would be a great way to develop your speaking skills, or just start holding your own meetings and get some on the job training. If you are planning on building your business via the TELEPHONE, then you will need to develop your TELEPHONE SKILLS. Again there are books and DVD’s and courses available online from Amazon. Under this broad category of COMMUNICATION SKILLS is also the ONLINE SKILLS that are necessary to build a large successful business. Skills such as basic COMPUTER SKILLS, emailing techniques and EMAIL Etiquette. As you advance from an Apprentice Networker to a Journeyman Networker there are still more skills needed to become the MASTER NETWORK MARKETER. You will want to develop your TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS, GOAL SETTING SKILLS and skills in writing your personal affirmations. So, do you want to be a top leader in the Network Marketing Industry? Then get excited about learning new skills as you build your business. Or, do you have very few skills and really do not want to have to learn all these skills? Then congratulations, you have found an industry where you can get started and if you get lucky you could still end up earning a fair amount of money without learning any of the above skills. But why take the chance?

Start learning the above mentioned skills and watch your business explode as YOU become a “MASTER NETWORK MARKETER.”

Enjoy the Journey! Paul Morris


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