Developing The Skill Sets to Succeed by Ted Henry

Ted HenryDevelop your Interviewing Skill Set. If you do not know how to interview people you will spend precious hours of your life attempting to convince the wrong people that the business is for them! When I entered the Network Marketing Business arena some 17 years ago, I came in thinking that my Corporate Skill Set would virtually guarantee my success in this business! Oops – First mistake! The biggest realization I had to face was that I was now working with a Volunteer Army! No longer was I the Boss, telling people what to do and firing them if they did not do it… The Skill of stepping on other people’s backs to move to the next rung of the Ladder was not a part of this new venture. I had learned how to Keep Secrets of my success from my co-workers so I got the Spotlight – Keeping secrets here – not the track to success! I needed a good brainwashing to get the Garbage skill sets out and a New Skill Set in! NULL

No more Boss, rather Coach. No more stepping on people, rather lifting them up. No more hiding secrets of my success, rather sharing them all.

One skill set I did bring from the corporate world that has been immensely valuable is “The Art of Interviewing”! Unfortunately most people in the business (particularly former employees) have no idea how to interview. One might ask – Why is “the Art of Interviewing” so invaluable in the Network Marketing business?

Well simply stated, if you do not know how to interview people you will spend precious hours of your life attempting to convince the wrong people that the business is for them!

Seems that new distributors want to learn “all of the answers” just in case they are asked a question! When the reality is that if YOU (the distributor) are asking the questions – your prospect is the one who must have the answers! Think about it! Who do you want in control of the conversation – You or the prospect? When I trained new managers that worked for me years ago in the Retail business – I had to share with them How To Ask Open Ended Questions! More often than not my young manager “needed” so badly to fill a shift on their department schedule they would spend most of their interviewing time “Telling” the potential employee about how great the company was, about all the benefits and the prospective employee would say “Wow this sounds good.” Then they would work for a few days and quit! The manager never spent time asking about the 12 Jobs the prospective employee had the previous 12 months. The manager never learned that the person did not have reliable transportation or that their primary focus was really to just collect unemployment. Nope – the manager “needed” someone so badly – they hired anyone. How many new distributors in Network Marketing do the very same thing!? In my 17 years – I would say – MOST of them.

Most often new distributors and even some “more experienced” ones just don’t know how to ask questions.

I mean good qualifying question, open ended questions. Seems they are too bent on “telling” why their company is the biggest, greatest, fastest, blah, blah, blah! Hoping for a New Sign-up to feel all warm and fuzzy inside only to see the new person either say, “NO!” or join and quit a few days or weeks later. I believe this is a PROFESSION and in this profession – we all should be striving to be PROFESSIONALS!

Strive to become a Professional “Interviewer” and I promise what you will find is people that are far more qualified, people that really have an Interest in working this like a business and people who will stick to it!

Develop your Interviewing Skill Set. Learn how to ask lots of open- ended questions. Questions that cannot be answered Yes or No -rather… questions that require conversation! You will find out who really is a prospect for your business. You will find out a person’s dreams, desires and goals in life. You will find out who is coachable and who is not. You will find the person or persons that will become a valuable asset on your team. You will find the person or persons that will be worthy of your time and energy. AND you will build a strong solid team of people that will rise to the Top!


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