Did YOU Ever Make Up Your 100 Names List and Call Them? by Michael Oliver

Michael OliverTalking with friends and associates a good idea? I think it’s an excellent one – ONCE you have some realistic understanding on how to approach them.  I was talking with a close friend who coaches his clients in alternate thinking and truths. (Which is why we are such close friends!)? He was telling me about an event he spoke at. He asked the group, “How many of you were told, when you first joined your business, to make up a list of 100 people you know and, and then call them to tell them about your business?” Approx 100% of the people put up their hands… He then asked, “How many of you, actually made this list and called the people?” Astoundingly, though perhaps not… if you’re an astute observer of these things – only two people raised their hands! Once again he asked a question, “How many of you tell your down line to make up a list of 100 people and call them to tell them about their business?” NULL  After a small pause and a murmur of awareness or perhaps surprise… Approx 60% of the people put up their hands… So he asked, “To those of you who raised your hands, why do you insist on someone doing something that you’ve never done and are not prepared to do yourselves?” My Own Test! After hearing this story I decided to do a mini test of my own on a call recently. I asked “How many of you have friends or associates that you called when you first started your business, who are still with you and having success today?” No one answered! So what can we draw from this? Here are some ideas.

If you’re telling your downline to do something you’ve never done, ask yourself about the integrity of doing so.

If you’re a new distributor, ask your Upline if they have done what they are telling you to do. If they haven’t, ask them why. If they have, ask them to call some people they know before you call yours, to demonstrate how to do it. You can also ask to speak with those in their team whom they knew before hand. Having said that, do I think that talking with friends and associates is a good idea? I think it’s an excellent one – ONCE you have some realistic understanding on how to approach them. The challenge for most new distributors is that they’re usually given a canned script (most often written and passed down by someone who has had no sales background) which is in a one size fits all duplicatable format. Problem is, the one size doesn’t fit most people and only exponentially duplicates failure!

So personalize your approach. Base it on discovering if there is a need.

Speak with your contacts in a way that suits their personality. Do it over time if necessary. Ask yourself, what’s more important, your business or your relationship? Make a list of friends and associates to approach and create a separate page for each person. On that page, write down everything you know about them. In particular, write any problems, challenges or dreams that your products or business opportunity may be able to help them with. You’ll then have the background to be able to start a meaningful dialogue to help them discover how and why your solutions can help them. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that it first resonates with you, and then encourage your downline to do what resonates best with them.


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