Direct Marketing Creates Immeasurable Success by Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar NormanIn the Ziglar family we’ve come to measure success by the benefits that remain long after the dollars are spent and forgotten. Money, naturally, is the gauge most people use to determine their level of success in direct marketing.

In the Ziglar family we’ve come to measure success by the benefits that remain long after the dollars are spent and forgotten.

My father’s success as a motivational speaker is due in large part to his background in direct sales. If Dad had never been a salesman he would not have realized the need people have to be encouraged, motivated and inspired to reach their full potential. He would not have had the opportunity to stand up before groups of men and women and teach them how to be more successful, both at work and at home. Had I not been in direct sales I doubt I would have been ready to interview my father in front of audiences ranging from a few thousand to 29,000. The skills I learned when I was recruiting my team, writing my monthly newsletters, and taking care of my own business have served me well all of my adult life. NULL

The Ziglar family understands that men and women who become involved in direct sales organizations grow stronger in areas of their life they never anticipated.

Shy, retiring folks learn how to be comfortable in small and large groups. People with poor self-images learn that they can change their life by changing how they think. Negative people see the benefits of taking a positive approach to life and folks who have been beaten down into thinking they’d never amount to anything achieve levels of success that amaze all who know them. Friendships that last a lifetime are created. Individuals mentor one another and a community of strength, integrity, and yes, even love, come as a magnificent side bar of being involved in the world of direct selling. Lives are changed permanently for the better. On a very personal level, my sister Suzan saw how faith played a strong role in the lives of the people who were involved in the direct sales organization she joined. Over time she began to desire the fear free, worry free life she saw her associates enjoying, even the ones who weren’t making the big dollars. As a result, she became willing to read Confessions of a Happy Christian, the book my father had written for her in hopes that she would turn from agnosticism to loving his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His prayers were answered. Suzan died of pulmonary fibrosis in 1995. Because of the influence of those who helped her build her direct sales business the Ziglar family has that peace of mind that passes understanding. We know without a doubt that we’ll one day see our Suzan again and we are eternally grateful.

Measuring the success of direct marketing solely on the basis of money is a huge mistake in my book.



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Julie Ziglar Norman
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