Direct Sales: 2 Reasons to Promote Yourself and 3 Benefits Your Business Will Reap by Kimberly Rhodes

Kimberly RhodesOnce you start promoting yourself you separate yourself from the herd because you are unique and no one can be you There has been great debate whether success in Direct Sales or Network Marketing is dependent on your ability to promote you or your business first. You have heard the saying, ‘Which comes first the chicken or the egg?’ I think it’s really simple.

Promote yourself first because the first thing people buy into is you. Then and only then promote your great opportunity.

That being said here are two reasons to promote yourself and the three benefits your business will reap as a result. Here are two reasons to promote you first in Direct Sales: Brand yourself – Domino’s, Starbucks and Fed Ex have something in common. They are big brands that make you feel a certain way when you experience them. They set themselves apart from their competitors with 30 minute pizza delivery, premium coffee or absolutely overnight package delivery.  NULL The customer comes to expect a certain experience with each company. You can do the same thing and once you do you become a leading authority. If you look at the leaders in the profession they all tend to brand themselves first. People will seek you out – Once you commit to promoting yourself people will start to look to you for your advice and expertise. This sort of turns the sales cycle on its head. No longer do you have to place fliers on cars, buy outdated leads, depend so heavily on the talking to everyone you meet or panicking when no one shows to your home meeting. Prospects will value your opinion and time and when they come to you they will treat your time with the respect it deserves. This way when you start to share your product, service or opportunity you have a warm prospect. There are several tactics you can use to promote yourself. Blogs, podcast, webinars and video are some of the popular strategies that are used with consistent success.

The key is to set something up and find reasons and ways to drive traffic to it talking about why you are the person people should follow. Use this strategy and build a list.

Now that you have created a list of people that know, like and trust you here are the three things that will happen for your business. 1. Raving fans for your product or service – When you use some of the strategies to promote yourself you can drip in a little about the products or service you use. This gives your potential customer a chance to learn about it without feeling pressured. You will find that those people who are interested will raise their hand to hear more about what you have. Once they do you can enthusiastically share with them because they are the right prospect. Once they buy what is right for them they will often become ambassadors for your product. 2. Prospects for your business – Once you have raving fans who love what you share because they have experienced it themselves it is easy to share with them how to make either some part time cash or real full time income with something they already love and believe in. Think about it, while most people don’t like to sell they don’t mind talking about something they have used successfully. This reduces you losing people from sharing with their warm market. 3. Referrals – The biggest form of flattery in any business is when someone is willing to give you a referral. Most people get this all wrong. They start out too early in the sales process asking for referrals. While you might get a referral here and there from time to time you won’t consistently have success this way.

The best time to ask for a referral is after someone has had a wonderful experience with you and your product.

So a great thing to do is to set up a process that creates some form of a relationship with you and when they have experienced what you have to offer then ask them to tell you who else might benefit. You will surprised how comfortable they are jotting down some names or picking up the phone to make some introductions. So remember to start with promoting you first and everything else will follow. People have to know, like and trust you before they really ever want to do business with you. Once you start promoting yourself you separate yourself from the herd because you are unique and no one can be you. Then it becomes so much easier to build your business. And since your business has the opportunity to provide you with the time, money and freedom that you want and deserve, take the time to build it right the first time you will be so glad that you did.


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