Direct Sales: 5 Tips to Manage Your Business, Time and Life by Kimberly Rhodes

Kimberly RhodesRemember that you don’t just want to be busy you want to be effective. If you have been in the Direct Sales profession for 90 days or more you realize that you are going to juggle a lot of balls in the air in order to be successful.

So how is it that some people seamlessly make it happen in the same 24 hours where others struggle to find any lasting success?

If you want to enjoy a big direct sales business, work less and enjoy more time with those you love then these five tips are for you. 1. Start with the end in mind – In Direct sales one of the first things you want to do is get completely clear on what you want from your business. What do I mean? Is it going to be a part-time, hobby or full-time venture? Be clear on how much money you want to make and work backwards on how many hours you will have to put in to achieve your goal. Knowing where you are going from the beginning will save you countless hours in the long run. NULL

2. Do the most important things first – Some people confuse being busy with building a business. You don’t want that to be you. One way to insure you are successful is to set limits on what you going to do each day. The key is to make sure the tasks you choose are three of the most important tasks for that day and then focus on only those. If you do that you will complete tasks that are profit generating versus things that may cause you to be busy but can lead you down the road of going broke. 3. Do things in blocks of time – One of the biggest time killers is if you start something, get it only partially done and then have to come back to it again and again. For example, how many times have you checked emails several times a day? When you think about it in most cases email is a time waster not profit producer. However, if you were to set aside a certain time of the day you checked email you could go through them quickly, act on the ones that might need some attention, and dump the rest. Setting aside time to do specific tasks allows you to become more efficient and to work faster when you are focused on specific things. And if you want to take it to the next level then schedule a time that you set aside for a routine. Simply schedule an appointment with yourself where you knock out specific tasks. 4. Systematize repeatable tasks – Have you ever heard of the phrase, “You want to work on your business not in your business?” Michael Gerber the author of the E-Myth shares how, in order for you to grow your business, you must have systems in place that are not dependent on you or have templates that can easily be duplicated. Then and only then can you scale or grow your business exponentially. So what can you systematize? Some of the things to consider are blog post, email campaigns and article writing. 5. Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) – A big mistake beginning Direct Sales people make is to think the only area to leverage is in building a team. Don’t make that mistake. You can hire someone to take many of the day to day tasks off your plate in both your business and personal life. Some of the things that a VA can do for you are: a. Customer Service b. Follow up with prospects c. Managing email d. Set and cancel appointments e. Take new distributors through a quick start in your business

The key to being able to manage your business time and life is leverage.

If you apply one or more of the above tips you will put yourself in the position to work less and earn more. Remember that you don’t just want to be busy you want to be effective. Are you ready to earn more and work less? Go to the Direct Women’s Sales Alliance radio show at and sign up for the show and newsletter. You will get action packed interviews and tips on how to build your direct sales business big.


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